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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The boy is okay. After he woke up from his nap Monday I checked out the cut. I had to peel off the gauze and tape and removed the winter hat we had put on him to keep the gauze and tape from being ripped off. The cut wasn't deep but it seemed big to me. Not big enough to brave the ER for stitches but bigger than I would like. I cleaned the cut and put a Diego band aid on it.

The band aid is still there. I need to take it off and clean the cut again. I have just been procrastinating. Tonight when the husband gets home.

The cat is still missing. It has been over a week now. There haven't been any phone calls in response to the posters that were put up. The husband is visiting the Humane Society today for the third time. I am hoping he is just lost somewhere. When I let myself stop and think about it I miss him.

The girl is sick. She was sitting alone at the gate when I got to school this morning to pick her up. She cried when she saw me. We had planned that our friends would come over for lunch and they still did, but she didn't eat. She sat on the couch crying or yelled for me from her bed when I put her in her room. She is sleeping now. She said she wanted to throw up. I am very much hoping she doesn't.

Me? I am hanging in.


  1. sorry to hear about the cat.

    hope the girl slept off some of her not feeling well. i've got afternoons free if you think you need an extra set of hands.

  2. dito, keep hanging in there. Lots more love from Winnipeg. When the boy is older he will love showing off his battle scar, arrrhhgg! It's a guy thing. Fingers crossed for the cat.

  3. oh I hope she is feeling better today! And your cat, it makes me want to cry! I hope he comes home.

  4. Glad Boy is ok and hope Girl feels better. And as for Cat, I hope he just turns up nonchalantly as if nothing had happened. I really hope that. My cat did that once so you never know.

    Thinking of you xxxxx