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Friday, October 23, 2009

Ta da!

I pushed the door open and walked into the boy's room to find everyone already there. The husband was getting the girl dressed in her pajamas. My mother-in-law had just finished buttoning up the boy's pajamas. Everyone was ready for bed.

As soon as he saw me the boy left the arms of my mother-in-law and made his way towards me. "Anh, anh" he said with his arms outstretched. I picked him up.

My mother-in-law called his name. "Ta da", she said. "Ta da". He stared at her blankly. "Ta da" she said to him. I laughed, mocking her a little that this thirteen month old boy would respond back to her call.

"He did it before" she told me. "His father can attest to that. Ta da!"

After listening patiently, the boy grew bored and pointed towards the chair where I nurse him every night. Obediently I started walking backwards towards the chair. As I eased myself down into it, the boy fell sideways into my arms and into position for him to nurse. As the others started to clear out of the room I lifted my shirt, ready to begin. He turned his head away from me towards the rest of the family.

"Ta da" he said.


  1. Oh this is gorgeous!! This sounds so much like something Kai would do! (although he'd probably flash a boob too...)

    I've been trying to teach him the baby sign for milk as his speech is a little slow and to try to encourage him away from constant top pulling. He's just started doing it but instead of the proper sign does this little jazz hands move! It's so funny... Ta Da!!


  2. See, now nursing is worth saying 'Ta da' over. So. Cute!

  3. beautiful boy :) (very clever too :) )