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Monday, October 12, 2009


The boy had his first hair cut today.

I had gotten out the scissors to trim the girl's bangs. They were hovering just slightly above her eyelashes so I figured it was time. I sat her on the dining room table and asked her to look directly at a picture on the wall behind me. Despite the fact that she looked anywhere but there I managed to cut her hair so that it looks mostly straight. If you don't state at her too closely.

I also had to follow her around with the scissors for the next twenty minutes to cut any stray hairs that would suddenly appeared. Where had they been hiding?

After that I wondered out loud if I should trim the boy's hair. It was still quite short and not really in need of a cut, except for a long piece coming straight down onto his forehead. If he had been a girl I would have just used a barrette to pull it off to the side. Unfortunately there are no boy barrettes and that piece of hair was making seeing difficult, so off it came.

Cutting his hair made me a little sad. Now that it isn't obstructing his face anymore I can better see what a big boy he has become.


  1. My 3-year old niece got a haircut this weekend, too. Her parents thought she was asleep, but soon discovered that she was trimming her own hair in the bathroom instead.

    She cut her bangs to 1/2" and the left side of her head to about an inch. It was very punk! She used to have long hair.... no more. They had to take her to the mall salon for repairs as it was the only place open on Sunday.

    Her daycare has photo day tomorrow.

  2. We had to trim our sons hair when he was 8 months as he had a long strip in his eyes. Now he has hair over his ears and a bit of a mullet in the back! However, I do think 13 months is too young to go get his haircut. The solution may be that I need to go buy some kid friendly scizzors... something not pointy and not too sharp!

    It is amazing how they turn into big boys so quickly.

  3. K was about a year old when he got his first haircut. He had wings so I just cut about his ear. Such a little thing made him look so much older though - it was crazy! They grow up fast don't they?

  4. I find the first hair cut quite traumatic actually. My kids were fine, but me. Sad and proud.

  5. Sounds like you are doing a pretty good job :) I am horrible with scissors and won't try it anymore - I hacked my 3 y/o's bangs last spring and he looked just awful. Maybe you could turn this into a business, lol! I'm dying to find someone to cut my kids' hair that I don't have to pay an arm and a leg.

  6. oh, that's always a sign they are getting so big! We waited as long as we could too with our son, his morning hair was hilarious. It was hard to do. Now we buzz it off!

  7. Makes them seem almost like men! My 17 month old had a bit of a mullet going on and I had him with me at my hair appointment. My stylist laughed at his party in the back and offered to give him his forst clip. I figured for free from someone actually really good I should take it. I was sad but Miles loved it and man did he ever look handsome!