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Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing doctor

Sitting on my lap she
flinches, screams, flails,
away from the touch
of the tip of the thermometer
under her armpit.
Perhaps in her fevered state
the cold metal really does
burn her skin like a thousand
pitchforks sent from hell to torment her.
Or maybe she is be over-reacting.


Watching his father turn towards the bathroom cupboard,
he is overcome with excitement.
He gestures widely and points empathetical.
Bracing himself against the side of the pedestal sink,
he rises up on his tiptoes and titles his head back,
mouth open and tongue out,
to receive the blessed sacrament.
Otherwise know as baby Advil.


  1. Man, I hope your kiddos are doing better - and you too. I've been thinking about you lately.

  2. beautiful poem bot wow i hope they get better soon - sounds horrible. Many good thoughts coming your way.

  3. Oh man...mine are the SAME way when it comes to medicine!! At least the smaller 7 yo has grown out of the "mmmmm-medicine" phase, and is now in the "YUCK--medicine" phase!! But yet, it is the SAME medicine!!!! ??? :)

  4. on no, they are both sick! I hope they are feeling better soon. My youngest (4) still loves medicine and gets supremely pissed off if his brother is sick and he is not. Kids.

  5. all day the jellybean kept telling me he was sick and needed his medicine, just because he got some advil last night to bring down his slight fever. hope everyone is doing better,