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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moments like this

A pumpkin cookie on a stick. Wrapped in cellophane, the girl noticed it from ten feet away. Displayed at the front of a market stall with other apple and flower cookies, they beckoned to any child that passed by.

She asked, I denied. She persisted, I relented. After all, I remember the joy of little treats like that as a child.

She ate the cookie slowly over the next hour. She carried it in her left hand as we walked around the market aisles, the icing side always facing out. She licked it. She methodically ate it from the top to the bottom. No crumb was left when she handed me the stick from inside the stroller on our walk home.

Orange icing streaks radiating out from her smile.


I lifted the boy out of the crib just as the husband joined me from downstairs. Worried we might wake the girl, who was still napping, we headed down the hall to our bedroom.

We sat on the bed. The boy lay against my chest and I stroked his hair. The husband and I talked.

When he started to wiggle, I lifted the boy up and sat him on my lap facing out. He rested against my arm. Then he leaned forward and flopped his head down into the husband's lap. Grabbing onto the husband's shirt he pulled himself to standing. He reached his arms around the husband and snuggled his head in the crook of his father's neck. They cuddled.


  1. Ohhhhh that is so beautiful. I love that. I was snuggling with my 4 year old yesterday and enjoying every moment.

  2. beautiful. my favorite thing to hear is "Mommy, I need a snuggle."

  3. sigh. those little moments are the ones not only we cherish but they cherish as well!