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Thursday, October 22, 2009


We last saw him Tuesday night.
When we opened the front door
he ran out out of the house
and disappeared under the car.
Loaded down with our IKEA packages
we let him go.
Thinking he would return.
Like he always does.

It wasn't until yesterday evening
that I realized I hadn't seen him
since the night before.
No cat crying at the kitchen window
begging to be let in.
No cat attempting to sit on every one's lap
at once and purring loudly for all to hear.
No cat for the boy to fling himself onto
and lay across.
No cat.

Hopefully he is just hiding somewhere.
Maybe the Human Society has him.
I would like him to be missing and


  1. Oh nuts! Humming "The Cat Came Back" in my head for you now.

  2. Oh dear. Hope that he shows up sometime soon and that he has just been out having a cat-like good time...

  3. Ugh. This happened to me once, too; that sensation suddenly that he was GONE and guilt that I hadn't noticed right away. I (quite dramatically, I might add) went wandering through the field next to our house each evening looking for his body, sobbing. Turns out he was trapped in our neighbor's garage for 3 days.

    Keep hope! And ask your neighbors to check their garages!

  4. Aw... here's hoping he returns. Indoor cats are awesome. Outdoor cats, not so good.

  5. i really hope that he comes back. i was so fretful after one of mine was off for a few hours. i can't imagine a couple of days. let us know if he's back.

  6. It is the most awful feeling! This happened to us about 2 years ago. Our beloved ZZ Kitty disappeared. She never returned. I am still looking around the neighborhood, every time I see an orange cat with zigzags...I think...?

    Sorry, not trying to make it worse for will have a happier ending! :D

  7. Oh no! I hope the cat comes back...

  8. Oh NO! I hope he comes back. Hugs