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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday afternoon

It has been blissfully calm around here since Tuesday. The kids (and sometimes I) have been napping every afternoon. That has made for later nights but that is a trade off I am happy to accept. For some reason, and it is shocking to me, the girl is willingly napping. Perhaps it is the change in weather or exhaustion from school. Who knows. I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

This afternoon after they both woke up from their naps was a treat. The girl wanted to watch her customary after-nap video, which was fine with me. The boy has taken to sitting beside her on the couch and watching it with her. Do not even attempt to remove him from the room if you do not want your ear drums permanently damaged. In fact, yesterday I was not moving quickly enough for his liking so he walked up to the tv, pointed at it and exclaimed "Nahhh, nahhh!". Then he pointed to the red chair. That was my cue to put on the video and then place him in the chair as if onto his throne. I know my place.

After the video the girl asked for some ice cream. We don't usually have it in the house but it is leftover from the Thanksgiving weekend. I told her she could have a small bowl. She, of course, countered with a big bowl. So I gave her what she thinks is a big bowl but is really about a heaping tablespoon of ice cream and we were both happy. Least he be left out the boy demanded some too.

I sat in front of him on the floor with a bowl of ice cream while his sister sat in his high chair. (All the better to survey her domain I think). I can say that the boy unequivocally does not like ice cream, despite two attempts to feed it to him. When it touched his tongue he recoiled, tilting his head back and attempting to push the ice cream off of his tongue with his tongue. I gave him a second bite just so I could see him do that again.

When the husband got home we passed an enjoyable twenty minutes or so all sitting on the floor trying to open a coconut I had randomly bought it for two dollars at the grocery store. It finally took the husband screwing a screw into the coconut to pierce through the hard shell. The kids and I took turns drinking from the hole. It all felt very primal. We also took turns shaking the coconut water out of the coconut into a metal bowl. Finally, a straw was inserted and we drank from it as if it were a fancy umbrella drink and we were passengers on the Love Boat.

We never did manage to crack into the rest of the coconut.


  1. These perfect day are always so welcome! Don't you love how what one does the other must follow!

  2. Whoa...I forget you are Canadian and was thinking that Thanksgiving is in OLD is that ice cream!! :D Haha! How wonderful they are NAPPING!! You must be rested and RE-charged! At least for a little while!! xo

  3. Oh no, I just got home from the Farm Boy with a coconut! I hope it doesn't take all day to crack. I've only had one fresh like this once before -- it was a gift at my engagement party. It took me and four girlfriends two hours to open it with a hammer and nails, but once we did...oh SO GOOD. The fresh coconut is addictive.

    I better get out a chisel.