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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dante is now on my must-read list. In particular the Divine Comedy. I know a little about the nine circles of hell but I want to figure out which circle is extended sleep deprivation. Because that is where I am right now.

I am thinking it must be the forth circle. That would correspond with the hour the kids seem to have chosen as the waking hour. While one of them was up pretty much every hour last night, four o'clock is when they usually decide they are done sleeping and are ready to start their day.

For the last two nights the girl has been up and down every few hours. The only way to get her to sleep at all is to lie next to her in her bed. Leaving, even if she is asleep, will result in crying and yelling. Crying and yelling that consistently wakes her brother. Which means everyone in the house is awake. At one point last night the husband and I were actually sleeping beside each other when she woke up and started yelling. In my frustration I said "just leave her, let her yell". That lasted until her brother started wailing.

I think I could manage to suffer through the nights if the lack of sleep didn't have such profound repercussions the next day. For all of us. I am short tempered and irritable. The husband is too. The boy is tired and whiny. The girl is exhausted and crazy version of herself.

The most horrible consequence of last night was the girl's failure to walk carefully down the stairs. Probably because she was so tired she missed her step this morning at the top of the stairs and fell down headfirst. I was at the top of the stairs and screamed as I watched her fall. The husband was at the bottom and he managed to hold the boy in his arms while he ran up the stairs and caught the girl. Watching her somersault halfway down the flight of stairs was more than my tired brain could handle and reinforced my paranoid tendency to always walk down in front of her. It has also confirmed my desire to have a gate at the bottom in addition to the one already at the top. I don't want either of them climbing up on their own and falling down. Not again.

This is my day so far. Definitely the forth circle of hell.


  1. Oh honey :-(

    Big hugs to you. Hope your girl is ok. Hope YOU are ok. This too shall pass. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

    Love from your transatlantic sleep deprivation buddy. At least it's warm in our particular hell right? x

  2. Wow. I guess the only words I have are "It can't go on forever". At some point you WILL get a good night's sleep! here's hoping it's soon.

  3. That sounds awful!! I hope everything works out sooner rather than later.

    I'm sure there is no magic answer to this situation, but our kids were around the girl's age when they started having some trouble sleeping, and we found a nightlight really helped. Good luck!

  4. Aw that's horrible and so familiar. We don't have stairs for the kids to navigate but kid J is often too tired to be careful and scrapes and bumps are inevitable. J is having tonnes of nightmares about bad fairies with horrible pony tales and mean witches and so nighttime is a bit of a battle ground here too these days - or perpetually. hang in there and know that we're all in a hell ring. Expect little of yourself on days like these and know that I miss hanging out with you and being all tired glazed eyes with you on a walk to bridgehead.

  5. oh brutal. That is one hard day. I am glad she is okay. Take Care.

  6. We have stairs...they are scary!! I will still put gates up at night, just in case one of ours gets out of bed in a semi-"sleepwalking" daze. I taught mine EARLY how to get on their bottoms or tummies to go down the stairs. My 16 mo is so funny, he will get on his tummy and stick his leg backward about 5 FEET from where the stairs start! :D Then he inches toward the top of the stairs!! I would say that is a healthy dose of being overly-cautious!! I hope the sleeping patterns get better for you! I am up now (12:30 am), with above 16 mo because he took a LATE nap while I was at the grocery!! Hopefully we will settle down SOON!! Also, my oldest, and then my middle child went through a "Night Terrors" phase. Where they would scream out in their sleep, and be inconsolable for about 5 minutes, then back to sleep like nothing happened!! It totally freaked me out with my oldest...I would try EVERYTHING. With my second, I would just lay next to her until it passed, because I learned that talking, soothing, singing, etc...would only make it worse!! Hopefully my Boy won't have them!!

    LOVE The Divine Comedy. I did a paper on it in my World Lit class during my college days....and yet, nothing is coming to my overly-saturated motherly brain!! :D Guess it is time to re-read it!!
    Your poetry is beautiful!