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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The clouds parted and the light shined down on me

Today he napped. Not only did he nap, he napped for three hours. As did his sister. Who never naps anymore. I feel like the clouds parted and sunlight shined down into my cold and gloomy heart. I was very refreshed and renewed after having a few hours to myself. Of course it meant that they were up late tonight but in his infinite kindness the husband pushed me out the door towards a yoga class while he stayed home and fed them dinner.

What joy. What bliss.

I was pretty much ready to put them both in a cardboard box and leave them at the curb with a note saying "Free to a good home" yesterday. In fact, I was very close to doing that everyday this week. It's partly me, it's partly them. My patience for whining and no napping is low and my energy is even lower.

What I have been finding really hard to deal with is the boy's new found sense of conviction. He knows what he wants at all time and when he wants it he really wants it. NOW! Denying him the cracker or pencil crayon or knife results is hysterical crying and wails of "ungh ungh ungh". What he really wants is whatever the girl has and to do what ever she does. I foresee this being a problem for many years to come.

I am trying to walk the line between attentive to his needs and giving into his incessant wants. To quote the Rolling Stones "you can't always get what you want."

Man, I wish I could. I could really go for a live in housekeeper right about now. (And that's not a hint to my mother-in-law to come back and visit.)


  1. You know...our children are close in I can relate to the nap "transitions" you are going through!!! My boy and girl, are getting later and later with their napping and by the time they do fall asleep I am so frustrated, that I don't CARE that it is 4pm!!! Even though I KNOW I will be up with them all night!!! Hang in there.... we will MAKE it! :)

  2. I totally get the napping thing. My son almost never naps the three days a week he is home with me.

    He goes to daycare and sleeps blissfully for three hours. Sometimes they have to wake him up.

    I am trying to convince myself it is because he loves his mummy so much and wants to spend time with me. However, I doubt that is the real reason.

  3. I used to sing that song all the time to my son! Not too sure if the message was truly directed at him or me...I wanted so badly for him to settle down and nap (or at very least give me 20 minutes of peace and quiet!). Do you think that this is the scenario that the stones had in mind when they wrote this song??? But to quote Mick Jagger - Glad to hear that you "got what you need" - a BREAK!

  4. I know I am finding myself losing my patience a lot these days. And I was wondering the same thing, is it the kids or is it me. Or a combo of both. I think a combo of both is my answer. I am glad you got a much needed break and a refreshed outlook. It is amazing what a long nap can do for us!