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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A weekend away

It is a weekend away for me. Away from the kids, if not the city. Today and tomorrow I have, and will, spend hours away from them. More hours away then I have yet to spend since the boy was born.

Earlier this week a tweet went out from @Sherriemae23 looking for people to work her Wee Welcome booth at the Baby Boom show here in Ottawa. I saw Sherrie's tweet when it was RT (retweeted) and responded right away. I thought, why not? Do something different, have a break from the kids and make a little money. Sounds good to me.

I enjoyed myself today, despite standing on my feet for close to eight hours. I got to take bathroom breaks, wander around and chat to other adults. It was enjoyable to be "working" even if I wasn't back at work. Really, it felt more like an extended social hour as I handed out ballots for a free draw and encouraged parents to enter their kids in the photo contest. I also had a chance to meet Cherie-Lynn and watch her work her photography magic on the babies and toddlers who happily or not so happily posed under their parents direction.

(I should note that every other parent at the show should be thrilled that I didn't bring my kids because they are obviously the cutest and would win any cute kid contest. And I am being completely unbiased in that assertion.)

I managed not to spend all the money I earned while at the show. I did break down and buy some laundry detergent for our cloth diapers and a new red cloth diaper for the boy. Overall though I was quite impressed with myself. The fact that I was surrounded by hundred of cute and functional diapers and I only bought one shows real determination. I think that it helped that I was distracted by the funky pair of black babylegs I also bought. What can I say? Everyone knows that urban babies wear black and he is an urban baby.

I could easily spend all the money I earned today on the kids. But I won't. With my maternity leave now over we are living on one salary and managing just fine, but there isn't a lot left for extras. So while I could save the money for the new car seat the boy needs, I am going to blow it all on me. I need extras too.

Tomorrow a friend, another mom from the park who has kids close in age to mine, and I are going to indulge ourselves in a morning at Le Nordik spa followed by lunch. I could not think of a better way to spend the day or treat myself. I plan to sit in the sauna until my skin starts to crackle and my nostrils start to burn. I will lie in a hammock under the sunny sky. I will pretend that I don't feel uncomfortable wandering around in a bathing suit and try not to run from the steam room straight into the pool. I will enjoy myself. An added bonus will be the chance to talk to this new friend without kids interrupting us or throwing sand at each other.

I am liking this time for me. I am liking the idea of time for me. As bad as I can be at making it happen, now that it has happened it will surely have to be repeated soon.

Best of all I know that everyone was fine with out me. Oh, they were all thrilled to see me come home. The boy walked down the hall towards me, arms outstretched, as soon as I walked in the door. Crying for me to pick him up and put him to bed. The girl ran to me for hugs. But without me around they still had fun, had lunch and dinner, had time to get very very dirty. They even managed to discover that the boy does not like goats.

But that is a story for another day.


  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed your mommy time today. We all need it and I'm very envious about your spa day tomorrow (especially as I sit here with my legs hurting). I hope you have a great time. I really enjoyedmeeting you today and look forward to getting together again soon. BTW- what child doesn't need a red diaper.

  2. Awww those blissful days away! How fun to work the booth! The spa sounds so delicious!

    Living on one income can be so hard! I think it is awesome that you are splurging a little on you. That is something I struggle to do.

  3. Good for you!!! Much needed time away is ALWAYS a plus for everyone!! :) So glad you enjoyed your day!

  4. Oh that sounds great. Good for you for taking the time out!

  5. I am jealous. I miss that spa sooooo much! Miss you and can't believe I haven't even met the boy.