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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two points to the boy

The boy has now decided that he likes baths. This occurred sometime last week when his sister was in the bathtub and he decided he wanted to climb in and join her. Fully dressed. Once he was in the tub they played and splashed and were adorable to point of disgustingness. Seriously, I wish I was even a tenth as cute as they are.

His typical response at the sight of a bathtub full of water has been to cry and scream so I have no explanation for the complete and sudden reversal in attitude. Maybe he suddenly realized that water is fun? Maybe he decided that if it was something the girl does he wants to do it too?

Since then he has had two more baths that he has thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, when the husband took him out of the tub tonight he cried and tried to hurl his little body over the edge and back into the water. Instead of him screaming as we carried him towards the bathtub he screamed as I carried him back to his room for bed.

Oh wait, I think I know why he likes the bath so much now. After his experience a few nights ago, I do believe he has decided that nothing beats the feeling of pooping in a bathtub full of warm water. He may even have set himself a goal of pooping in every bath he takes. If he could count I would think he was keeping score.

I wonder if he gets bonus points if his sister is in the bath with him?


  1. My hubby calls those 'aqua dumps'. (He used to teach swimming lessons to kids.)

    Hm. Sorry for sharing that... now you'll be thinking about it.

  2. ugh my son has pooped in the tub numerous times. Not fun!

    Funny how kids switch like that eh?

  3. Our son has loved the water since the moment we first put him in. I don't want to curse us, so I won't discuss frequency of floaters :)