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Sunday, September 13, 2009


I am hot. The air is heavy with moisture that clings and drips off my body. I breath deeply, inhaling the eucalyptus scent. My lungs are full of the dampness but I push through, willing myself to relax and embrace the humidity.

When I can stand it no longer I signal to my friend. Through the billows of steam we walk towards the door and the coolness of fresh air.


I watch the large white cloud as it slowly enters into my narrow line of vision. From deep within the hammock I stare in amazement at the size of the cloud. I watch it drift.

I raise my head in order to try to determine the path it is taking. Thinking that it will soon consume the blue of the sky above me I lie back. As the hammock sways I watch it skirt around my line of sight before it disappears.


The girl shakes her new piggy bank, making the three pennies inside jump up and down. She is in love with her new piggy bank.

Do you want to take the money to the bank and save it? I ask her as we begin to play pretend.

Yes! she says.

Or, I suggest, do you want to take your piggy bank to the store and spend the money?

I want to go to the store she says.

What kind of store will you go to?

A money store! she exclaims.

What will you buy there? I ask her.

More money! she says joyously.


  1. Sounds like a treat of a day at le Spa.

    We got Margo a piggy bank for her birthday .. she's pretty enthralled. "I want to keep my tortoise with me and love him for always".

  2. That sounds like a VERY good day to me - lovely post x

  3. Lovely post... sounds like a magical day.

  4. Wouldn't we all be better off... having the simple thoughts of a child!! Great post!

  5. Hmmm all of that sound so divine. The spa and the chat with the girl. Wonderful post!

  6. i *heart* the nordik spa. if i had money, i would go very often. the hammock chairs are the very best. especially if it includes sipping green tea. glad you had some wonderful time to yourself.