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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Telepathic Conversations: the 1920s edition

My children are special. Very special. They also have special superpowers. Together they share the ability to speak to each other telepathically. I can't hear them, but I can imagine the conversation.

"I say old chap, what's with the funny expression?"

"Well, o sister of mine, I was just thinking how nifty it is that you get to go to preschool. Me? I'm stuck with our wet blanket of a mother all day. She's a regular Mrs. Grundy, I tell ya. I can't wait until I can ditch the old bag and have a whole morning to gallivant around with my chums."

"School is pretty swell. It's the bees knees! Lots of books and toys. Plus there is a cup of juice at snack time, something mother would never let us drink. Your turn will come though."

"Will it? What do I need to do to get into that joint of yours?"

"I don't rightly know! One day they just took me to school. It did kind of happen around the same time I stopped napping. Maybe that was why?"

"And how! That's the ticket. All I have to do is stop napping and then I can go to school too. I think I will start right now! Well... maybe I'll take a little snooze in the stroller after we drop you off at school. I mean, gosh, I have been up since before 5 am. I could do with a little shut eye. But only as long as mother keeps walking. As soon as she stops I will be awake and raring to go."

"Attaboy! But what about the old bird? She's going to want you to nap this afternoon. She is always mumbling something about a 'break'?"

"Let me deal with the Jane. I have just the plan. A little hysterical crying, some pounding on the door to my room and a few nipple bites and she'll be throwing in the towel so fast that I'll be in preschool before I know it. I tell you, she won't try more than twice to get me to sleep. I'll show her who's the big cheese."

"Now, don't take any wooden nickels! You want to get out of your nap but you don't want to push her over the edge. Not completely."

"I'm no hood, I know what I'm doing. And once the deed is done we can spend the afternoon playing. Toss the ball around, play with your doll house.."

"No, not my doll house. It's an orchid!"

"Sure, sure. Whatever you say lest until you aren't looking..."


  1. LOL! Thanks for smile and chuckle first thing in the morning. Hope he naps for you today!

  2. Tee hee! Loved it! I could see your girl with the flapper hat and curls sneaking out underneath it, the boy in overalls with his poorboy on crooked. Now I have to go re-read Great Gatsby. *grin*

    Here's to getting through the phase and into nap-time bliss. We use the bouncy seat when our boy is cranky but not wanting to nap. He's almost too big for it, but it still works like a charm! Then we transfer him to the crib.

  3. It was a good laugh to start the day :) Well written! Hopefully there is some napping going on today for you!

  4. lol that is awesome! the post i mean, not the nap strike, that part sucks :)

  5. Funny stuff. I hate it when they take napping strikes - it just ruins the rest of the day (and your own, personal nap time).

  6. lol! hope the telepathy is for good and not evil next time!

    wishing you a napping boy for tomorrow.