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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Second first day

The girl started back at her pre-school today. We have been talking about it for the last week, trying to prepare her and ease the transition as much as possible. To my surprise the transition seems to have gone seamlessly. She was happy to see her teachers again and ran off into her classroom. I think she waved goodbye to me.

In order to leave I had to pick up the boy, who I think would have happily stayed himself, and carry him out of the classroom. I felt a little sad as I walked to the cloakroom to pick up my bag. Sad that next year she would be starting kindergarten and doesn't that just make her such a big kid. Sad that soon enough the boy will be starting pre-school too. The days may be long but the years are starting to go quickly.

In fact the whole thing seemed a little uneventful. I was expecting it to be a little more like last year. She started pre-school last January as soon as she turned two and a half. I was so happy that they had the space to let her start mid-year, but soon I was wrestling with whether or not we should pull her out. She cried every time we dropped her off and picked her up. Sometimes she cried in her classroom, asking for me. She had never been away from me or the husband before so it really was a big transition. She was often fine once school was underway but it took about two months before she could go the whole morning with out crying.

Today she told her teacher when we arrived "I'm not going to cry at school". In fact, before we left this morning before she said to the husband "I don't want to be at home, I want to be at school". She was a little edgy when I picked her up after school but I attribute that more to her waking up at 4:30 am this morning than anything else. The early start to the day was likely due to her excitement about school, which is kind of sweet. Of course I can say that since I got to sleep in while the husband got up with her.

No, I think the girl is going to be okay. She knows the routine, she loves her teachers, everything about the school is amazing. I have no worries about her at all.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with myself while she is at school. One kid for only three hours? It's almost too easy.


  1. I think the crying is harder on the mom than the little one sometimes. I'm very happy she is transitioning better this year!

    My son cried for the first time yesterday when we dropped him off at Day Care. He has always been so happy to be there, and when I handed him over, he started to bawl! My husband had to take my arm and gently lead me out the door. I was stunned by the pain in my chest seeing him crying and being carried off to his classroom.

    Does it get easier? Please tell me it does....

  2. The days may be long but the years are starting to go quickly <----OMG totally!

    One kid is weird eh?

  3. I'm convinced they cry only for our benefit.. My son used to cry when we dropped him off at daycare, and then would stop literally as soon as I was out the door. Of course you're left with the guilt, and that image of them crying to last you the rest of the day ;)

  4. I am so glad I never had to endure the pain of seeing my kids cry at daycare. Here they don't start Playschool until they are 3 because they have to be totally potty trained.
    What stress us moms have to endure.

  5. This is stated so well ..

    "The days may be long but the years are starting to go quickly"

    Isn't that the TRUTH???

  6. I am glad to hear she transitioned well. My 4 year old, who has been in some sort of care since he was 10 months old, has been crying his eyes out every day for the last two weeks. It breaks my heart when the day care teacher has to pry him out of my arms and I run out of the room. I know he is fine, I often stay around the corner and wait and he has usually stopped crying within a minute of me being gone. But it doesn't stop my heart from breaking. He gets stressed out by transition and I think the upcoming start of JK has him a bit worked up.