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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


September 1, 2008
6:47 AM
7 lbs 15 ozs

Monday. Labour Day. My due date.

I was huge. I had expected him to come early. He felt late to me but he was right on his time. We looked out the window and saw half a dozen hot air balloons in the sky celebrating his arrival.

We didn't have a name. We thought, speculated the baby would be a girl. Surprise. He was named the next day at home when we proposed a name to the girl and she repeated it easily and perfectly in her two-year old voice.

What a lovely surprise.

(You know I am not responsible for this gorgeous picture. Shawna took it at our family photo shoot. I AM responsble for his gorgeousness.)


  1. LOL.... he is gorgeous indeed. :)

    Happy Birthday to him and congratulations to you (both.)

  2. well made! ;-)

    Happy BDay little guy.

  3. Happy Birthday to him... he is simply beautiful!!!!! :)

  4. VERY gorgeous....Happy 1st Birthday!!!

  5. Gorgeous is right! Happy birthday to both of you!

  6. OMG He is beautiful! Love it! Happy Birthday to the big boy. And to you Brie, I think every birthday is a celebration of the parents as well!

  7. Yay! He's ONE! Congratulations, and I hope you have a great day today remembering and looking forward from here. How wonderful that you have hot air balloons every year to celebrate! The gatineau festival is around this time, I think...

    Lovely picture. Its a perfect shot that captures the curiosity of a toddler!

  8. He's so cute! Happy birthday to the boy. My youngest boy turns 4 tomorrow and is staring J/K...time flies!

  9. Happy Birthday to him and of course, to you.

    Well done, indeed.

  10. awww belated birthday wishes!!!! He is such a sweetie!