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Monday, September 28, 2009


It wasn't until this weekend that I realized the girl has imaginary friends. Her mousies have been around for a while now, but I had never thought of them in that way before. Probably because she talks more about them than to them.

"My mousies don't like pizza" she'll say when I announce what I am serving for dinner that night. Or when I moan about my foot hurting she will respond with "my mousies hurt their arm last week but it is okay now". Her mousies seem to be a way for her to process the events occurring around her and to provide an opinion or comment on them. Not her own of course. Her mousies.

The first time I remember hearing about the mousies was at the park last spring. I was putting the boy in one of the baby swings when she walked over to the other swing and declared "I'm going to push my mousies in this swing".

I'm not certain where the mousies came from. She has one stuffed mouse that was a gift from my dad and step-mom but she rarely plays with it. She had watched Ratatouille for the first time in the Spring but she is pretty clear on having mice and not rats. For which I am thankful. For some reason imaginary mice friends are much more acceptable to me than imaginary rats. Shudder.

Last week I happened to ask her how many mousies there were. "Seven" she said. The next time I asked her the mousies were up to eight. i refrained from enquiring if a new friend had joined them or if a baby mouse had been born. We seem to be holding steady at eight.

I am curious to see what happens with these mousies of hers. I never had any imaginary friends. At least I don't remember any. But I think these mousies are good for her. They let her pretend and imagine. They let her relate to us as the voice of authority on the desires of her mousies and not just our daughter.

Yes, I like the mousies. I like hippo too. And I am very thankful that we only have a houseful of imaginary animals.


  1. My daughter has a herd of cats that follow her everywhere. Guess the kids shouldn't meet up :)

    I think it is awesome for the kids to use their imagination and have someone(s) to play with.

  2. I never had an immaginary friend. And neither of my boys do. Sounds interesting though.

  3. Hahah I love that you're not inquiring how the 8th mouse was added. Maybe he/she's back from vacation? haha

  4. my daughter had dogs, in fact insisted on being a dog for several horrible months (the looks you get with a daughter on a dog lead or not friendly - even though the alternative is screaming tantrum child)
    My son had -peeky cockit no idea what species this creature was - he is gone now..
    both of them now have little creatures they make with their hands called 'd' and 'e' - keeps them happy and entertained :)