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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Any new thing that disrupts the girl's routine is like a pebble thrown into a pond. It appears to sink straight to the bottom but in reality those ripples are deep and far reaching.

Grandma is at our house right now. This means that our house is neat and clean, we have good food to eat and our life feels, momentarily anyways, less chaotic. But. I love having her as a guest but there is a but.

But the girl is having trouble sleeping and she is, shall we say, more energetic. Okay, fine. She's crazy! Yesterday after picking her up from school she started crying. She cried all the way home. (I almost left her by the side of the canal when we were walking and she was crying and whining.) She cried once we were at home. She cried and cried and cried and was inconsolable.

It seems like whenever someone comes and stays with us, and not just Grandma, she has trouble sleeping while she gets used to them being in the house. She also becomes less like herself. This adjustment is difficult. For everyone.

That is why I have come up with the perfect solution. Instead of Grandma coming to stay and everyone having to deal with the adjustments that entails, Grandma should just never come and visit. Instead she should live in our basement. We'll even finish it for her.

I think this is win-win.


  1. And how does Grandma feel about this option? ;-)

  2. That sounds pretty win-win to me! Of course, I'm not Grandma, but who could resist living so close to her gorgeous grandbabies? ;)

  3. Really, it doesn't have to be the basement. Grandma can have any room in the house that she wants!

  4. LOL yes I have teased my mom that we could get a house with an in-law suite or a semi and she could live next door... She never goes for it.

  5. Couldn't live with my mom, couldn't live with my MiL either...

    But if every likes it maybe ... just maybe.. this could work.

  6. We joke with my MIL all the time about this. Well, we pretend to joke with her. We mean it, but she would never agree. Something about having her own life.

  7. Grandma stays at our house 2 nights per week. I think we mostly have the routine down now, i.e. DS has gotten used to being spoiled to death 2 days per week.

  8. Having guests is so hard! You are way nice to offer your basement. I seriously have nightmares that our parents will try to come live with us.