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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Green pepper

I bought three green peppers at the farmer's market last weekend. My plan was to cook them in a stir fry. I do love my stir-fries. Some veggies, tofu and a sauce of vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and fresh basil. Yum.

(On a side note the girl loves her stir-fries too. At a playgroup this morning we all went around the circle saying what our favorite food was. Lots of cake, pizza and, what was that, stir fry. Yes, that's right, the girl said her favorite food was stir fry. The other parents laughed but I felt a bit smug. She even likes to make stir-fries in the play kitchen at her preschool. I think a play wok may be in order.)

I only ended up using two of the green peppers in the stir fry I made on Tuesday night. The pan was already full with peppers and zucchini. I figured I would save the last pepper for snacks the next day. When I went looking for it on Wednesday to add to the pizza I was making for lunch I could find hide nor hair of it. I searched the fridge from top to bottom and even started taking things out of the fridge in my search to find the missing pepper. Finally, and only because it was lunchtime and I needed to get some food on the table before the kids started chasing me with forks, I gave up on the pepper.

I never would have found it.

As I sat nursing the boy before his nap this afternoon, I glanced into his cupboard. Tucked on top of a bag of clothes he has grown out of on the bottom shelf in his cupboard was the pepper. From my vantage point across the room I thought I could see teeth marks in the pepper. I can't be sure though because I forgot the pepper in his room.

It's been there for a day or two already. What's one more?


  1. I love this. I love your stories, you tell them so well. hilarious.

  2. You know, in our house it is ALWAYS the case of the missing sippy cup!!! I have found them in the most BIZARRE places! People think I am crazy when I start to look for one and go to the strangest places first!! And of course I usually do find them a couple of days later....full of MILK!!! UGH!

  3. That is too funny! Love it and your stories.