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Friday, September 4, 2009


I fantasize everyday. Not about sex, shoes or an exotic vacation. I fantasize about a new double jogging stroller. One with a foot and a half mental divider between the two kids.

Don't get me wrong, our stroller is good. It is a double bike stroller that we use with a jogging wheel attachment. This means that the wheels are large and perfect for pushing through snowbanks in the winter. The sides are enclosed and there is a heavy plastic cover I can pull down over the front. It is a perfect stroller for us in the winter since we don't have a car and walk everywhere.

The problem, and sometimes it feels like a colossal problem, is that the kids sit next to each other in the stroller. There is no divider between them, nor are they in individual seats. They are nestled snugly against each other in the belly of the stroller. While it can be very sweet to see them all squished together it is becoming more of an issue as the boy gets older.

The boy has just realized that sitting next to his sister means that he can play with his sister. He can grab her hair and pull at it. He can reach for her snacks. He can kick his legs at her. He can rest his head against her shoulder while he sleeps. Today I had to stop the stroller a number of times because the boy's hand was touching the girl and she was not happy about it.

Of course, the boy isn't the only one doing the touching. The girl will tickle him, push him and grab things from him. The first time I realized that we may have a problem on our hands was last month. When I became concerned that the kids were entirely too quiet inside the stroller, I peaked in and saw the boy asleep, his head leaning on the girl. She had her arm wrapped around the top of his head. All very lovely. Until I realized that she wasn't gently stroking his neck with her fingers. She was pinching him.

So I fantasize. Every time I put them in the stroller and go for a walk I fantasize about a new stroller. I can't decide if it is worth finding a new stroller, probably a used stroller, or if I should just tough it out. Maybe they will like being cuddled so close together during the winter. Maybe by next spring the girl will want to walk everywhere. Maybe they will realize their deep and all consuming love for each other and stop driving each other crazy.



  1. Thats a tough one. I am sure if you had one you would find it useful. Although you could live without it. Any luck on UsedOttawa or Kajiji?

  2. *Snickers*
    We do not have a double stroller ... I wonder if we will get one eventually so far the middle one will walk and I wear the baby. Winter would be warm in your stroller!

  3. Some kind of removable divider would be an excellent accessory for our stroller. Maybe we can improvise something...

  4. I'm telling you, everytime I read one of your is like I could have written it myself!!! :) The middle child and the boy do the SAME thing!! AND they copy each other, so if one starts to whine about something the other did.....yep, the other one starts to whine!!! Drives me CRAZY!! Some type of divider would work, for a while...but they will find a way around it!! And good luck with the girl walking!!! That actually SLOWS me down, I always tell mine, "please get in so I can go FASTER!!!" Because when one is out walking....yep..the other one wants out!!! :) If you get different results....we are coming for a disciplinary "meeting"!!! :D

  5. What about a Phil and Teds? Rather than side by side, they are front to back...but you aren't pushing a bus since it's so compact? They have the sport version. And have a good resale value when you're done with it. Just a thought!

  6. I somehow justified getting a super duper expensive stroller by reminding my husband it would resell for a lot. But you can definitely find a lot of great deals online used or at garage sales. My mother has found several double strollers in the $20-50 range.

  7. Can I say that I am especially glad for this post? Like you we use the stroller A LOT because we live centrally and walk everywhere. It is often just a bit too far for our boy. We take a lot of flack for having a 2 + 10 month old still in the stroller. Sometimes I feel badly and try long walking experiments (BTW - Centretown to the Bank St. bridge = too far!). We got a Phil & Ted stroller and it plows just fine through the snow. The good thing about this stroller is it can be adapted to a double and then changed back to a single when one of the kids outgrows it. The only thing that I wonder is whether your littlest would mind being in the back seat? It is close to the ground and doesn't have much of a view. I would guess that you can find lots of reviews on-line which would offer some feedback. Also, we have developed a close relationship with our local bicycle repair shop. All of the gravel and construction that is happening results in tire punctures - easily fixed though...