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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The doorbell rings. I rush to the front door and find everyone huddled in the doorway. As soon as she see me the girl cries "Mommy" as if she hasn't seen me in years. She rushes into my arms and clutches me tight. She then turns towards the kitchen yelling "I'm hungry! I need dinner". As if we haven't fed her in years.

In the husband's arms the boy frantically waits his turn for me. His arms reach out and he leans towards me assuming I will catch him. As he sees his sister running to the kitchen he starts to yell. "Nanna, nanna, nanna" he shrieks. "I guess he is hungry too" I say.

Nanna. It has come to mean not just banana but all food. He shouts it when he sees anything he wants on the dinner table. He shouts it when he wants to eat. He shouts it way more then he actually says mama or da.

I dish our dinner onto the plates waiting on the counter. The boy walks purposefully to his highchair. He grabs the legs and tries to pull himself up. He tries very , very hard to climb the foot and a half into his chair. "Nanna, nanna" he yells.

Time to eat.


  1. You have a lovely family! Your children sound adorable.

  2. Nice, nice that this scene didn't stress you out too. Often when my boys get home and start yelling for supper I stand there with a blank expression on my face. Supper eh... what should we make. I can't wait to be home full time ;)