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Sunday, August 2, 2009

To market

Trips to the market have become a favorite weekend activity. If the weather is sunny we enjoy a leisurely walk and then sit on the grass eating whatever fresh produce is for sale. If there is rain we move quickly while pushing the kids in the stroller and then sit under some shelter eating whatever fresh produce is for sale. Basically eating is always involved.

Yesterday we walked to the Main Farmer's Market in Ottawa East. Today we walked to the Landsdown Market in the Glebe. I like both markets even though they are quite different. I like that the Main Market is small because then I don't wander around trying to decide which stall is the best to buy from. We can quickly make our purchases and move onto the eating and people watching. I like the Landsdown Market because there is more choice in produce, baked goods and even crafts for sale. A new pair of soft soled shoes bought this morning will be part of the boy's birthday presents next month.

Today we were caught in a downpour while at the market. We knew it was coming so we were, mostly, prepared. Except for the boy's rain coat we had forgotten. When the rain started he was asleep in the stroller, nestled all warm and safe. Still, we moved under the white food tent to wait out the showers and have a snack. The girl sat mesmerized, too stunned to eat the raspberry she had put on her finger tip, when the one-man-band moved under the tent with us and began to play. He played nursery rhymes and other songs I didn't recognize. She didn't care what he played. She was enthralled.

I was worried the noise would wake up the boy. It did. He too was a little dazed as he sat in my arms, groggy in that way that someone is when they wake up from a nap. Then he decided that wherever he was was in fact pretty awesome and prowled around making friends and chatting to people while the husband followed holding onto his hands.


  1. We almost drove downtown yesterday morning to go to the market...we'd been planning it for a while but then the threat of thunderstorms made us cancel. We've never been before, so I had no idea if any shelter would be available.

    Looks like we should have come out! Next weekend we'll be away but I hope to make it the week after that.

  2. That sounds just about a perfect day. How nice that the one-man-band entertained while the rain came down!

    We like the Lansdowne market too. The local honey you can get there is lovely, and our garlic bulbs were from there. We just harveted it and it looks very yummy!