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Friday, August 28, 2009

One wild turkey

The Canadian Museum of Nature is only a few blocks from our house. We like to visit on cold or rainy days. You know, most days here in Ottawa.

Yesterday we had a great visit at the museum. I thought I would share with you some of our tips in order to maximize your fun. And fun you will have.

- Visit the museum in the following order: dinosaurs, mammals, birds. (Skip the 3rd floor unless they have an an interactive temporary exhibit there or your kid likes photography.) The girl holds firm in her belief that this is the only proper order. It is probably best to listen to her.

- Make sure you stop by and say hi to "Boogie". He's the first dinosaur you see when you step through the doors on the first floor. He is the girl's favorite. You should also visit the large dinosaur replicas at the very back of the exhibit. There you will have a chance to meet the boy (the baby dino), the girl (the first one on your right) and the husband and I (the two T-Rexs).

- Take the time to make some duck-billed dinosaur sounds. The girl quite enjoys that. I prefer the video of the Ankylosaurus death blow. It gets me every time. I would say do both.

- Be sure to peak your head through the ice flow hole in the polar bear exhibit and pretend you are a seal. Don't be afraid, the polar bear is a vegetarian. At least according to my brother-in-law who has convinced the girl the seal in the exhibit is actually a tofu seal. We like to call him TofuSeal.

- Stop by and play with the puppets and the dress up clothes in the play room on the mammal floor. We had a lot of fun making up stories with all the puppets. Did you know that beavers like to eat moose? Who knew. The boy loved all the puppets. In fact he had to hug every single one I handed him.

- Yell loudly in the entry to each floor. There is a lovely echo there, as the boy discovered yesterday, and sounds reverberate quite nicely.

- See if you can identify the bird on the card that gets handed out to all members at reception. I was so amazed when the girl walked straight over to the correct bird as soon as we arrived at the exhibit. I would tell you what it was but I can't even remember it's name. It was a bird I had never heard before. Some kind of seagull. All I know is that I am now wondering if she is a bird protege. Or if she has had that card before.

- You can not miss the bird care station. It is one of the best parts of the museum. Kids can ride in a rescue truck, attend to sick birds or just pretend to fill water bowls like the boy did. I think the birds was the best exhibit for the boy because it was easy for him to wander around and look at all the birds at his level behind glass.

- Stand on the bird scale to see how many blue jays you weight. Turns out the girl weights one wild turkey. I would have guessed two. Sometimes she sure acts like two wild turkeys.

See, you can learn a lot at the museum.


  1. We enjoy that museum too. Although every time I go I am sad to see the empty bee hive. My 8 year old is quite traumatized by their absense and asks me about it every time.

  2. Have they opened the second half of the museum yet or is it still closed? Anyway...

    The Boy spent a good hour at the bird hospital when he was 5. God he loved that...

  3. Sounds like a fun time!! LOVE the wild turkey're so funny! :D

  4. The second half is still closed. I can't wait until it is open!

  5. We love the Nature museum, although around here, it's simply called the 'Dinosaur Museum'. ;)

    now I'll want to go again soon!