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Monday, August 31, 2009


I don't know if the kids were conspiring against us last night or not but they were both up and down from about midnight until 3 am. First the girl peed her bed (what is with that, all of a sudden she is having accidents after using the potty so well for weeks) and then the husband had to settle her back to sleep. Once she was asleep the boy woke up. The husband, who really is amazing, let me sleep while he tried for an hour to get the boy back to sleep. Finally I took over to give him a break. I had no more luck.

I decided at about 2am to take him downstairs and see if he was hungry. Turns out he was! He ate and ate. While this was happening the girl woke up again. The husband took over the food duties and I tried to settle the girl back to sleep after a successful trip to the potty. Once the boy was finally asleep, happy now that he had a full belly, the husband took over getting the girl to sleep.

Such is life with two kids. One sleeps, one wakes, they both wake, they both sleep. It is quite a dance we do some nights.

This morning we were all tired. After months of little sleep I am now exhausted whenever I don't a full five hours. My head is all full of cotton. I need a large coffee to render myself remotely comprehensible.

Plans for this morning were cancelled since none of us were moving very fast. We did have a lovely time at the park though. The boy went down the slide on his own. The girl ran around and enjoyed the swings.

Days and nights. Nights and days. Some are good, some are great and some we just muddle through.


  1. no kidding eh! My head is full of cotton today. But it is because of my belly baby, not my boys. I had such an amazingly productive day yesterday. I always pay for those by being a Zombie the day after.

  2. oh wow, did your children somehow communicate with my son? I was up until 3:30 AM with a cranky, on and off teething, hungry child. God bless our bouncy seat, it was what inevitably put him under again so I could sort of doze until wake ups.

    I agree, when you don't get much sleep to begin with, even a slight change makes you zombified. *gnurf*

    I am a sack of tired today, and all I wanted this morning was an IV drip of caffiene. Now all I want is a big soft comfy bed with no noise at all. :)

    Yay to your son going down the slide on his own! He must have thought it was the best thing ever!

  3. Those days filled with cotton are the best aren't they?! I can't even blame my children, they are great sleepers (don't hate me...) but I'm a horrible sleeper.

    Thank goodness I have my blog to keep me company.