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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A list

Things I should be doing every night before bed but don't.

1. Pack the diaper bag

2. Prepare snacks

3. Clean out all the Cheerios, crackers and banana bits from the stroller

4. Pick the toys off the living room floor and put them away

5. Tidy the kitchen

6. Figure out what we are going to eat for lunch tomorrow

7. Lay out the kids' clothes for the nest day

Nope, I do none of that. Instead I sit on my butt reading blogs, reading books, sometimes talking to the husband and on a lucky night watching a True Blood download.

One day I will become more organized. Just not tonight.


  1. Just keep doing what you're doing! Balance helps keep your sense of humour (and your sanity).

  2. I should become more organized, too. Hey, at least you have a list of the things you ought to do. I don't even have that much, just a vaguely unsettled feeling that things could be better than they are.

  3. After 8 years of parenting I STILL don't do those things. And i often tell myself I should. Especially this morning when I was cleaning out dried apple sauce out of my sons lunch bag... I will NEVER learn! :)

  4. Looks like MY list...except the kitchen part...the rest of my house might be a massively cluttered MESS, but I have to have my kitchen cleaned before going to bed!! I only want to see and smell COFFEE when I am stumbling down to the kitchen half awake!! :)

  5. I'm with Natalie.... just enjoy the few minutes that are about you and nobody else... we do not need one more thing to feel unjustified maternal guilt about. A happy recharged mommy is better than a clean kitchen any day! (Besides, which one will last longer?)

    P.S. I spend the 30 mins that my girl is in the bath (daddy time) eating something sweet and watching mindless TV!