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Saturday, August 1, 2009


One more month has passed and you are another month closer to one.

People at the park stop me to tell me how beautiful you are. And you are. Your white blond hair sets off your blue eyes and fine, yet boyish, features. Your face is open and expressive. Your smile is warm.

You have decided that you now love the wading pool. I follow after you like some kind of serf attending to her lord and master. Wherever you go there I am holding onto your hands as we walk through the water. You like to stick to the edges of the pool where the water is shallow, unless you see a ball and then you walk briskly towards it.

You will be very excited to receive the soccer ball Grandma is getting you for your birthday. I will be happy too because I won't have to worry about you trying to steal the basketballs that are sometimes left at the edge of the court.

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