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Thursday, August 27, 2009


He isn't tired. He should be but he isn't. He only had three short cat naps in the stroller all day, despite my best attempts otherwise.

His sister is in her bed, cuddling with her dad.

He is in my arms nursing. He unlatches, looks at me and says "da". He rolls away from me and in frustration I put him on the floor. He stands instead of sitting on the ground. His favorite thing in the world now is to walk and he isn't going to pass up any opportunity. He looks at me and then toddles off towards his bedroom door. He happily bangs on it and reaches on tiptoes for the doorknob. He plays until he is bored and then toddles back to me.

We repeat and repeat. I have decided not to fight him. I let him walk to the door, look out the window, play with the curtain. Eventually he tires.

He returns to me and I a nurse him to sleep. I lay him gently in his crib and leave.


  1. You are an awesome mom!

  2. Is that your hubby that posted that comment? Sweet! I am with you on the not struggling with them thing. It is just so much easier. Although depending on my mood I can't always do it. I have to admit that bedtime is my most frustrating time of the day. But then my boys are 4 and 8 and you would think they would just GO TO SLEEP already :)

  3. I agree with the no struggling. Our son does not sleep a lot, and we have had bed time frustrations for a long time. After a lot of different tests, we are not doing the cry-it-out method, and parenting him to sleep, since the anxiety is much less this way, all around. He will sleep through the night when he is ready. :)

    Last night our little guy was teething, so I finally broke down and gave him some Advil. He woke up completely at that point, and hubby and I laid in bed with him and let him cuddle and play between us (a tickle session was had, and giggles for all). At one point he was standing up, spreading his arms wide and falling straight back onto a pillow, giggling like a fool, then would get up and do it again. He also bumped his head on the wall and said, very softly "ow" before turning and playing somewhere else. My husband and I laughed so hard, he wondered what was wrong with us!

    We just waited for him to slow down again, so we could re-do the night routine (which worked). Its easier on us this way, even if it means we get less sleep. He wouldn't nurse last night, would only bite, which kind of sucked. (ow)

  4. Whatever works to keep the family happy and rested!

  5. Awesome! Just go with the flow, everyone loses when you fight with a baby.

  6. I could have probably wrote this word-for-word!! You are doing everything I are on the path to night weaning!! :)