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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Let's agree that the boy said dada last week. It sounded like dada. I'm sure it was dada. Okay, he hasn't actually said it again and it may have just been a fluke but let's just all get on the same page and go with dada. That way his third word, not second, will be banana.

Yesterday at the park the boy saw me peeling a banana for his sister. He went crazy. While pointing frantically at the banana he started yelling "NANA NANA". With a tone of righteous indignation he added some grunts and arghs. If he had been a medieval warrior I think he would have shouted "give that to me your surly wench" or something as equally colourful.


  1. I think "nana, nana!" counts, its close enough! How cool!

    And if he was indeed a medieval warrior, there would have been a "forthwith" or "or I'll run you through" added to that, purely for posterity, of course. :P

  2. :D I get righteously indignant, too, when I can't have my fruit RIGHT AWAY!

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog and that header is awesome....

  4. Food is a great incentive to talk. One of my son's first words was more general but also all about food - "more" ;)

  5. I think nana was in the first three or four of the jellybean's words. And he still says nana now, at 2!