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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A weird day

It was one of those days where you wonder what has happened to your children and which planet the replacements are from. In the best possible way.

This morning the girl sat quietly on the couch and played by herself for over an hour. In case you missed what I just wrote I said OVER AN HOUR. That never happens. Ever. In the history of her life I don't ever remember her playing by herself, or even playing quietly, for that long. We kept checking on her by peaking our head into the living room just to make sure she was okay. There she was sitting on the couch surrounded by a menagerie of stuffed animals, all of them tucked under a blanket. That this happened while the boy was napping was a bonus.

At the farmer's market the girl announced that she had to pee. Oh, oh I thought. Usually those words, at least when we are out, mean that she has just peed. We had been sitting in the rain eating pad Thai at a picnic table while the husband and boy bought some groceries across the street, but I quickly managed to lock up the stroller with all our purchases and rush her into the building where the bathroom was located. I was pleasantly surprised, okay shocked, that she hadn't yet peed. We spent some very productive time in the bathroom and both of us were very proud of her accomplishment. It was a big step to remember to tell us that a pee is coming when we are out in the world and having fun.

I put the boy down for his afternoon nap and the husband put the girl in her room for her "quiet time". I have given up on the girls naps, figuring that it is worse on me to push it because they don't happen anyway. Today Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, sent us some love because both kids napped for two and a half hours. Yes, I said TWO AND A HALF HOURS. The boy has never had a nap that long, never ever ever. For them to sleep for so long at the same time was like being given some very expensive gift I didn't even know I wanted. I celebrated by napping.

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