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Monday, July 6, 2009

Unabashad joy

The boy is a pretty happy kid. As he should be. We love him like crazy, shower him with kisses and hugs and try, always trying, to be present and responsive in how we parent him.

No matter what we do though, it seems to be the little things that bring the boy the greatest joy. Like:

- Anything his sister does. The other day, as I nursed the boy on the couch with his sister sitting beside me, the girl started to blow kisses on his legs. Each time he would pull away from my nipple just enough to smile, and sometimes giggle, before he would latch on for more. This went on and on, the two of them playing. The way he laughs for her is different, deeper somehow than how he laughs for anyone else;

- A slice of watermelon. I bought a quarter of a watermelon at the local deli the other day and the boy could not get enough. He tried to pick up the entire piece but had to give up once he realized that it was too heavy for him to lift. He managed to lean down and nibble at it a bit. Finally I broke off a large chunk of the fruit. He happily sat and mauled it until watermelon juice and pieces covered his once clean shirt; and

- A green punching balloon. At least I think that is what it is called. It is a large green balloon with an elastic attached to one end that allows you to hit. The girl got it in a loot bag at the birthday party we went to a few weeks ago. The boy had seen it before yesterday, had in fact played with it. But it was only when I pulled it out of his closet where I had hidden it before his nap that I saw a look of pure unabashed joy, almost ecstasy on his face for the first time. His whole body quivered with excitement as if to say "that is the thing I have been looking for my entire life". He stretched out his arms in an impatient "gimme, gimme, gimme" motion. He grunted for it, telling me to hurry and give it to him, now, right this instant, before he has to live another moment without it. When I handed it to him I swear he sighed.

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