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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Little boy, I didn't forget that you turned ten months old yesterday. I was just too busy talking about how much I love Grandma to write about it. And, you know what, you aren't so little anymore.

Almost daily people are surprised when they ask how old you are and I respond. Do you look wise beyond your years? While you are tall for your age I think they are more taken by your lack of a baby face. Gone are the chubby cheeks. In their place is the face of the boy you are becoming.

And the things you can do. Today you were standing on your own, balancing carefully in the sand. You will happily bang any two objects together for what seems like longer than any baby should find amusing. You like to listen to any music, much more so than your sister did. I like the little dance you do where you bop your torso back and forth. Just don't dance like that in high school or you will be dancing by yourself.

My favorite new trick of yours is making the rocking chair move. You have figured out if you grab onto the back of the chair and pull it towards you the chair will move too. Back and forth, back and forth you rock.

I can't wait to see your next trick.

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