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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tell me what to read

My list of bookmarked blogs in getting longer and longer. I find one I like and bookmark it. Sometimes I go back to it, sometimes I don't. I need to organize it better, maybe do some purging.

Before I do, tell me one blog you think I should be reading. What is the blog you read everyday? I will check it out and include it in the giant blog clean-up I hope to do this weekend. Any topics are welcome. I am a well-rounded gal so go ahead and challenge me.


  1. My all time favourite blog is - Rebecca is a great writer, a published author, and mom of two, a 4 year old boy and a little baby girl. Her writing is amazing. Her blog was like the first one I ever read when I started blogging over 2 years ago! Enjoy!

    I also like:,,,


  2. I spend WAY too much time reading blogs. More than any sane (or productive) woman. I read pretty much everything on my follow list, plus a few more...every day... I am crazy.

    I enjoy Life Starring the Kids and Me because Victoria is so snarky. I like her attitude.
    I like dkMommySpot for the interesting things she does, like herbal medicines and going no'poo.
    I like {Natural} Mommie for the great giveaways and sustainable take on life.
    The Canadian Living blogs are pretty good, too.

    Ai. I like lots of blogs. Too many to mention.

  3. I really like Sometimes it's a bit too focused on American financial stuff, but generally it has great general content on saving money, reducing debt, and enjoying the single-income family lifestyle ;)

  4. I'm actually just working on updating my blogroll right now. I think I'll have the new version up tonight. I seriously endorse all the blogs on it -- I actually do read them all, every day. It's probably time to move over to a reader (like Google Reader) -- I used to check all the blogs I read one by one every day, bookmark by bookmark, but eventually my head exploded. Reader will alert you when something is new so you can read it right away, and also saves you checking sites that maybe haven't added anything new yet.

    Warning, though, it WILL lead you to read hundreds of blogs. It's just so easy to pop them into the reader!

  5. ATM I have I subscribe to 175 or so blogs... I need to figure out how to post them to my blog.

    For more off the beaten path... might I suggest:

    A working mom with teens in Oklahoma and a really good writer. (Love her.)
    I love her blog too. Brilliant writer as well...

    I have my reader divided into sections. Depending on mood I start with the favourites or the Ottawa or the runners.

  6. Just realized I gave you the wrong address for magpie...

  7. I love reading local blogs or those of friends.

    One of my favorites is

    Great local food, restaurant, grocery - you name it. Read it all the time.

    Also - Andrea over at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl.

    Then I also read blogs related to work, so check out fair trade ones all the time and I am always finding new ones.

  8. This is great, thanks for all the suggestions. I think I am going to have to get better at organizing my favorites into groups so I can pick what to read based on my mood. I will also have to check out Google Reader. But I know nothing about it and technology does kind of scare me so it may take me awhile. :-)

  9. Google Reader is awesome! I love the feature where you can share individual posts with friends.

    I love Mimi Smartypants: she has a wickedly funny sense of humour. And happens to be an adoptive mom of a girl from China.

    Also Mighty Girl: fashion, adventure, shopping, humour, and she has a toddler. www.mightygirlcom

    I get 99% of my book recommendations from Colleen Mondor at Chasing Ray:

    Superhero Journal is my choice for inspiration and great photographs:

  10. Two of my favourites are and

    I use the Blogger dashboard to keep track of all the blogs I'm following...way too many!

  11. I still love my bloglines, and to keep things manageable, try to stay under 100 feeds. I have my parent bloggers, food, craft and general bloggers there. Mostly parent bloggers.

  12. I use Google Reader as well, and it works much better than going down my list on my blog or bookmarks!! Definitely because of the "alerted updates". I open it everyday, and it tells me which blogs have new posts...simple! Now, which is my fave? I guess all of them, that's why they are on my lists! :) They all offer something different! I like yours because of your common sense way of raising your children, it is similar to mine...except you go to the park all of the time...I don't like leaving the HOUSE!! ;) And of course it is just common courtesy to follow your followers! Thankfully, I only have 5! :D