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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Picture day

Just like picture day at school we all dressed up in clean clothes, brushed our hair and posed nicely for the camera. Well, some of us did. Some of us tried to wriggle out of my arms, said she didn't want her picture taken and hid her smile behind a red toy bucket. Oh, did I say her?

Overall the girl and boy did very well. They patiently tolerated some direction from their parents and our photographer Shawna and as long as we kept them moving their interest was largely sustained. We took some photos in the backyard and the girl's room (which has the best light in this old house) but most of the photos were taken at the park. Considering how much time we spend there I think it was a perfect location. There were photos of us in the sand, on a bench, on the grass and hiding in the little playhouse. The last shot was timely because it was at that moment that the sky opened up and the rain poured down. We all had to make a mad dash for the house.

The girl actually did much better than the first time we took some family photos with her. She had just turned one and we went to the home of a (different) photographer to have some black and white shots taken. Perhaps if she had liked the photographer things would have been different but she didn't. I was convinced that after the one hour shoot there would not be one good picture. She spent the entire time trying to break free from whoever was holding her and crawl for the door. Apparently the photographer thought the same thing because she told us that she had never shot a more challenging subject. Gee thanks, now let me write you a check. Amazingly enough the photos turned out great. I attribute it to the girl being so photogenic.

This time the girl and boy both seemed comfortable with the photographer. She had already taken some family photos of us back in November when the boy was two and a half months. I was so glad that she could come back again because photography is not my strong suit.

I have managed some good pictures, some fine pictures of the kids but that is due to pure dumb luck. I find that by the time our little digital camera takes the picture the kids have already moved on from whatever cute vignette I was hoping to capture. If I am lucky I have snapped something else that is cute. I have a lot of photos of random body parts and backs.

I am also hoping for a few good pictures of all of us from today, including Grandma who is visiting. There aren't a lot of pictures of all of us. Usually the pictures are of the kids, and sometimes the husband, since I am the one behind the camera. While that is mostly because I am the one who remembers to pull out the camera there may be a little bit of me that is hiding from the lens. Just like when I hear my own voice I feel like the image I see in the picture isn't me. I don't look like that, do I?

Where are the braces? Where is the perm? Where are the large oversize glasses? Hmm, maybe it is a good thing I am old and that the days of school pictures are behind me.

Update: Perfect time to mention that the lovely photo in my header was taken by Shawna. As if I could take a photo like that!


  1. Hey there! I often say that the world only has 27 people in it...I would be happy to chat next time I am at I and D's (or their other neighbours' who are good friends of ours. Or even to go for coffee some time to talk about the BlogHer experience.

  2. Who did you get to do the shoot? I would love to have a fmaily pic done of the three of us. There are so very little of one of us with Max. And absolutely NONE of the three of us together. You'd think we weren't a fam. You can email me the info if you've got a few mins.

  3. I loved this true! I have to get on the family portrait thing.

  4. I'd like the photo of you as a flower girl looking shy alert concerned hopeful and very very intense.