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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Amy from Muddy Boots put out a challenge to post a picture without makeup or hair that has been styled. That is an easy one for me! And I don't really think the side braid in my hair counts as styling my hair because it has been in for two days and is half falling out.

What was harder was figuring out the laptop camera. I had never used it before and didn't even know how to find it. Thank you Google! I guess I could have taken a picture with the camera and then uploaded it but I am pretty lazy. As you can see from my appearance below. Thankfully you can't see the lunch stains on my shirt. Phew.

This is the first picture of me on my blog. I guess I can't hide anymore.


  1. It seems that most that are taking on this challenge don't find it much of a, well, challenge. Maybe I should've called the post "Photography proof that we're lazy"! Thanks for playing!

  2. I hate to admit it, but I don't even leave the bedroom without makeup on. 20 years of skin problems have made me super insecure :(

    I'm gonna have to think about that challenge.

    Your confidence is an inspiration. You look great! Way to go.

  3. What beautiful eyes you have! I have to agree with Amy, it hasn't seemed like much of a challenge for those are all beautiful and very much secure and happy with just being yourselves. We should all be more like that! :)

  4. It isn't so muching being secure as just very lazy. As I said to Amy the bigger challenge would be to ask me to talk a picture with makeup on!

  5. Nice to see you! I've done this before, and you look way better than an unkept me.