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Monday, July 20, 2009

He likes to move it, move it

The boy is on the move. Sometime during the sickness induced delirium of the last few days the boy figured out how to take a few assisted steps. I may have witnessed those first few steps. I don't remember.

Today, though, he blew me away with the ease with which he walked. Each hand clutching one of mine he took step after step after step. At the park he walked a good five feet before deciding that it would be faster to crawl. And he needed to move fast because he was after the basketball someone had left unsupervised. That boy sure loves his balls (pun intended).

I am excited and sad about this new step at the same time. Walking makes him a toddler. When he stands up on his own and looks at me with that satisfied smile on his face I can't help but think where did my baby go? In some ways I have been looking forward to him getting older (sleeping longer stretches, playing with his sister, talking, amusing himself) but now that it is here I am sad that I didn't take the time to enjoy his babiness just a bit more.

Not to be outdone the girl has also stepped up her walking. No longer as content to sit back in the stroller and watch the world go by, she now wants to walk everywhere. I am seriously in awe of how far she can hoof it. Today we walked for a good half-hour and about fifteen blocks down a busy street. I anticipate the walks will take longer once she realizes that the brightly coloured store we passed sells candy. We may have to stay on the other side of the street.

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