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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The beauty of this blog

Yesterday was a hard day. I struggled to keep going and keep it together. Then I sat down here, on the couch, with the laptop and wrote. The act of writing, of thinking what I wanted to say and trying to articulate how I was feeling, was like an antidote. I was able to acknowledge it all, let go of it and move on. By the time I closed the computer I felt better.

We all have those moments, those days where we are overwhelmed. I have a lot of those since becoming a parent. I am thankful for this place I can come and write. And I am thankful for you. Thank you Julie and Beth for your comments last night. You were both so kind.

This is why I blog.


  1. Well, I only stopped by this morning, so a) I'm glad you are feeling better, and b) I was going to tell you that I have been there, oh have I been there!

    My first was about as high-maintenace as come with regards to sleeping. It took about 3 years for her to sleep through the night. But she was always sooooo easy-going in every other way, that it was hard to complain.

    Now, at 19 months, her sister is down to just one waking (usually). I feel like I have gotten off easy. The tough nights are tough, but now that I am going through it with #2, I realize how quickly it truly does pass. Regardless of how long a night can feel.

    Sweet dreams.

  2. There's something cathartic about journal writing, that's for sure, no matter what form it takes. I found I felt better after pouring it all out this past week too. I hope you have a better day today (and maybe catch a few zz's in quiet moments!)

  3. Glad to hear your more cheerful tone today. The sun is shining (sort of).

  4. Sorry to see that you were having a rough day, but glad that it's better - you sound more 'yourself'.

    I tried to do the 3 columns myself, but couldn't do it, many people will do it for $10 or so.

    Isn't blogging the best.