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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Least you think I am sleeping like a log now that the husband has taken over night parenting duties of the boy, I am here to set you straight. With the boy being taken care of by the husband I am now responsible for the girl at night. This often involves the occasional drink of water or problem with blankets. (The girl likes to lie in bed and just call out for us. It is both a blessing and a curse that she hasn't realized yet that she can get out of bed, open the door to her room and come to ours.)

Last night though both kids decided to be sick. Yes, I am convinced it was a conscious decision on their part. They probably had another one of their telepathic conversations and decided I was getting entirely too much sleep. And why have a rational, sane mom when they can have one with an eye twitch that is prone to crying outbursts. I tell you, those kids!

Shortly before bed they both started coughing and we started repeatedly wiping their noses. This new cold of theirs made sleeping difficult. They were both happy enough to fall asleep but neither seemed to be able to get comfortable enough to stay asleep. I was with the girl in her room until almost one. She would fall asleep and then wake up moaning and crying, sounding as if she was being tied to some sort of medieval torture rack.

Finally she fell asleep and the boy was still up. The husband could get the boy to drift off to sleep in his arms but he would always wake as soon as he was put into the crib. The husband put in a valiant effort. Nothing was working. So I broke down. I took the boy to bed with me and nursed him to sleep.

What does this mean for our night weaning? I think we will have to see how the boy sleeps tonight and how he responds to the husband's attempts to get him back to sleep. If it doesn't seem to be working I will probably just take him to bed with me again. I can not deny him comfort from me when he is sick. And he has been wanting me, mostly me all day. However, once he has shaken this cold back he will go to daddy and back I will go to the land of nod. I hope.

Wish us luck.


  1. Gah... I can't say I remember those nights fondly. (We only have The Boy and at the stage it was more than enough.)

    Here's hoping everyone feels better (including the parents.)

    Looking forward to meeting you next week.

  2. My sister had such a difficult time with my niece for the first year. I dont think she ever better though. I think you need a vacation :)

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  3. As usual I have no advice but I feel for you - I can barely think without sleep, nevermind chase after two little ones. Wishing you some quiet and peaceful night times!
    Thanks as well for your comments on my blog... venting is helping, sometimes you just need to let stuff out eh? I guess there's no law against feeling just sucky and miserable sometimes.

  4. When they're sick, I don't think you can do much. The good news, though, is that it will pass and then you can resume your previous efforts. I hope everyone's feeling much better soon.

  5. I remember one time when my daughter was sick I nursed her ALL DAY and NIGHT it seemed!! I may not have got much day, but she was happy and it made life easier for me. She got better and life resumed as normal :) Good Luck.

  6. One step forward... it's just can be so much easier and faster to nurse them to sleep, and sometimes, faster and easier is just what everybody needs.