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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I feel weary. Not tired or even exhausted but weary. This feeling has been creeping up on me since last Friday but I managed to hold it off with short periods of rest over the weekend. This morning I barely had the energy to crawl back into bed.

I am used to physical exhaustion. What parent with young kids isn't? It is the mental exhaustion that is hard. Whether this is the result of accumulated sleep deprivation or hormonal changes as the boy nurses less I don't know. But I am feeling all the symptoms of a bad period: weepy, sadness, cranky and self-doubting. There is nothing like low energy to make me doubt every single choice I've ever made as a mother.

The husband took the day off and took charge of the kids. Despite his own tiredness he let me lie in bed all day.

I am sure that I will have the pleasure of one day returning the favour.

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