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Monday, June 1, 2009

Swimming class dropouts

We dropped out of swimming class. That's right, we are dropouts. Now we are going to go eat some contraband Baby Mummums and drink some apple juice behind the gym.

If you have been reading my other posts you probably aren't too surprised. We were out of town for the first class. This was the second class. We were too tired and exhausted from sick kids and the boy not sleeping to make it to the third class. And yesterday the will to get the kids to swimming was gone. Maybe the girl would actually go in the pool this time but I doubted it. Maybe the boy wouldn't cling to me like I scared spider monkey but I doubted it. Honestly we just couldn't face it.

If the girl loved it, if the boy loved it we would still be going. But from the beginning the whole push behind swimming was me feeling like they should know how to swim. Like taking them to swim class and teaching them to swim was something I/ we should be doing. As good parents. Really the act was entirely motivated by guilt.

Now my kids will be the ones at the wading pool this summer who don't know how to swim. But that is okay. One day they will swim, will like swimming. But for now it doesn't matter. The girl probably won't want to get in the water anyway.


  1. It doesn't matter. Don't sweat over this decision to 'quit' swimming lessons. We tried in October with our 3 year old, and even though he LOVES swimming with us - in pools and the ocean - he refused to get in the water with a teacher. We're going to try again this summer, and hopefully things will work out better for us.

  2. Some things just have to happen at the right time. I'm sure that time will come!

  3. Don't worry a bit about it--your girl might just surprise you come summer. Swimming outside in the hot, hot sun is completely different than lessons :)

  4. I've learned that organized lessons are very difficult for young children - they are happiest (often) just with you, splashing around in the water in a kiddie pool or at a beach. I tried the swimming lessons when my oldest was a baby and it was so stressful - on both of us. Time constraints to get there on time, changing him and I, cold water, crankiness, naps - it wasn't worth it at all.

    After lots of reading and reflecting I just decided not to be one of those moms who puts their kids in a billion activities. And so far it's worked, they are 5, 3 and 1 and have done almost nothing up until now. My oldest who is now five is in t-ball two nights a week, and loves it. But I didn't feel he was ready until now. We signed up for soccer last summer when he was four - it was a nightmare. We went two nights and realized it was not working out. Now he LOVES t-ball, begs to go, pays attention to the coach and is becoming a really good player. THAT I don't mind spending money on . . . but I refuse to put him in anything else b/c I don't want to be running around all over the city for the next 15 years with my three kids.

    They all do things when they're ready and swimming will happen for you guys whenever it's time. I really think young kids learn a lot just from splashing around with their mom and dads :) So don't be hard on yourself, I would have dropped out too!!

    One more thing (and I should heed this advice too) - forget the "shoulds" for the rest of your life. Today's society places a lot of expectations and pressures on moms . . . feeling like we always need to live up to something else. I think if we just do what feels best, we will all be just fine :)

  5. I use to teach lessons, for a long time, you did right not to force them into lessons, they would grow to really not like water.

    Dropping out was the perfect decision, guilt be gone.