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Thursday, June 18, 2009


All too often in our house mealtime involves the girl declaring "I don't like that" before her plate of food even hits the table. "You haven't tried it" I say. "I don't like it" she says. "You have to try three bites" I say. "No, just one" she says. The negotiations begin.

The girl will probably eat for a bit, may even utter a "yum", before saying she is finished. Off she will go to play until she wanders back to the kitchen table. "I want a snack" she says.

Ah, snacks. The bane of my existence. It is a continual effort to think of snacks, prepare the snacks and remember the snacks. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why she would spurn my meals but loves snacks. Then I realized. Snacks are fun. Meals are boring. Snacks are goldfish, crackers with cream cheese, granola bars and rice cakes. Meals are vegetables and protein. Carbs are much more fun.

I do try to give her healthy snacks. Apple slices, bananas, red pepper slices, tofu. Sometimes she'll eat them. Sometimes she'll look at me, look at it and ask for a different snack. I made homemade granola bars one day. She ate one piece fresh from the oven and I ate the rest.

My goal is to put together a list of healthy snacks that the girl likes and will eat. Not just eat once, but on a continual basis. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

If only the girl would eat like her brother. Today he ate oatmeal and steamed kale for his snack. I dread the day he learns to say "snack".

This post was written for the June Write-Away contest at Scribbit. Thanks to Loulou's Views for making me aware of the contest. I like contests as much as I like giveaways.


  1. When I was little I'd eat just about anything if it were me-sized - that is, little! Sandwiches cut into tiny bite-size morsels, cut up apples or other fruit, pile-ups (anything piled on a cracker - from cheez whiz and pickles to yogourt with cut fruit). Those 'Snackables' lunch kits I see at the store have nothing on what my mum came up with 30 years ago! I was a big fan of oatmeal with chocolate chips too!

    There's always bugs on a log, I thought that was great although I had friends who got so utterly grossed out by the idea that they wouldn't touch them (I'm sure you know, but just in case it's celery sticks with peanut butter filling and raisins on top). I guess it depends on what kind of girl she is.

    Also it's fun to make stuff yourself, (you mentioned she likes to be the chef) - what if it's veggie sticks and dip that she can dip into? Hummus and pita triangles? or if you make treats like peanut butter balls with her for a little protein snack? You can put just about anything in them so they can be as healthy as you make them. Plus if she tires of them they can be frozen until they are 'in style' again.

    Okay all this is making me hungry!

    Good luck in the contest!

  2. Ugh, my kids are the same -- ready to reject meals, but always looking for a snack. My younger two are muffin monsters -- they'll eat anything in muffin form (as long as there are chocolate chips in there too), and you can sneak in some fruits and vegetables that way.

    Other than that, we are into the same sort of snack stuff -- goldfish crackers, raisins, teddy grams, rice cakes -- all carbs! I'm looking for suggestions too :).

  3. I got a really good cookbook called Whining and Dining, about cooking for and feeding picky toddlers. It has many 'snack' recipes for healthier versions of things kids won't refuse, and it might make you feel better about the days when that's all they'll eat.

    It totally stresses me out when my kids say no thanks to dinner, but I'm ok if they'll eat a yogurt or something instead. My only real rule is that I'm not cooking two dinners. Eat what I make, or find something that I don't have to cook (and that I approve). It can feel like a battle sometimes.

  4. lol! snacks stress me out too :) I feel like I am in a snack rut: yogurt and granola or apples and cheese. As much as I would like to be, I am never organized or motivated enough to prepare fun, interesting snacks.