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Sunday, June 14, 2009


We skyped with the kids for the first time today. My dad and mother-in-law had been hassling, I mean encouraging, us to download the software for months but you know, there is always some reason to put off anything when you have kids. Finally we got around to it on Friday and chatted with them after the kids went to bed. It felt all very futuristic, like I really should be checking in with George Jetsons.

The girl was equally amazed by the whole thing. For the first half of the conversation today she sat quietly staring at the screen. She seemed to be concentrating very hard, which somehow resulted in her sticking her finger up her nose. That must be her new thinking pose. Once the novelty seemed to wear off she got very excited. She was talking to Poppa B. and M! She began demanding stories about their cat Prince, jumping up and down and dancing. It was a full performance. The only thing that was missing was a song.

The boy took it much more in stride. He was drawn to the computer, but I think he was more interested in banging on the key board then interacting with the faces on the screen.

The best part of it all was being able to show off the kids. It is nice to talk on the phone but for the full cuteness effect you really need to be able to see them. Describing the boy lunging at the girl's pigtails isn't the same as actually witnessing it.


  1. I have the software already loaded on my computer, but have yet to use it, how lazy is that?!

    My kids are totally cuter in person too - they might annoy the average person if it wasn't for their dimples.

    And you won my Tumi giveaway - picked by - email me your address and I'll send it on it's way!

  2. Thanks for the post. Someone mentioned this to me yesterday and said I should do it for my out of town family. I think I will now :)

  3. Oh lord, my inlaws always want to skype. If there's one think I hate more than talking on the phone, it's skyping. At least if I'm talking on the phone (which I hate), my hair can be a mess.

  4. kgirl, I believe in giving the full experience of what it is like in our house so I just skyped in my pjs. At 10 am.