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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Number of times that I tried to get the boy down for his morning and afternoon naps: five

Number of times the girl woke her brother up this morning just as I had gotten him to sleep by leaving her room where she was supposed to be reading quietly, standing outside of the boy's room pounding on it and screaming "Mama, I want you to come out!": two

Number of time I told the girl I was frustrated with her: six

Number of times I was unsuccessful at getting the boy to sleep throughout the day, even when his sister wasn't yelling like a possessed demon: three

Number of naps the boy had today: one

Number of naps the boy had in his stroller after I decided if I didn't get the kids out of the house I was going to completely lose it: one

Number of dollars I spent at Starbucks on a tall iced latte, a piece of banana loaf and some fruit: nine

Number of Dora episodes I finally let the girl watch in an effort to get the boy to nap: four

Number of times I stopped myself from screaming hysterically at one or both of my children: eighty-six

Number of things I need advice about: one. Today anyway.

What do you with your older child while you put your younger child to sleep? The girl is not having regular naps anymore and obviously the whole getting her to sit quietly in her room thing is not working. Ideas? Please.


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  2. i am guessing it was the best, yummiest nine dollars you have ever spent!!

  3. This is a struggle we have all the time. My 4-year-old doesn't nap. The baby should. She manages to prevent it rather adeptly.

    I've taken to putting the baby in a baby carrier on my back or going out for a walk to get the baby to sleep. It's not ideal, but it gives me free hands and there's much less yelling. Sometimes all you can do is make the best of a bad situation. :/

  4. I had quite a few days like that. It took us about a year to figure this out. Seriously, for 12 months my children rarely slept at the same time (day or night). Eventually, I stopped trying to get my older daughter to nap, but do encourage quiet time while her little sister naps. That means that she can watch a show or play quietly, but I'm not going to entertain her, and she can't do anything that might wake her sister up. Half the time she falls asleep on the couch. If nobody at all would sleep, I stopped trying for the day and put them in the stroller for a walk. They were both usually asleep before you can say grande coffee light frappucino.

    This has worked well for us, and transitioned seamleslessly when I went back to work and our nanny took over the routine. Good luck

  5. Put her in the basement! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!! (that was demonic laughing, by the way). But seriously, this is one of my biggest fears for my upcoming double-kid life . . . I'll be keen to find out what works for you.

  6. I've got nothing in the way of advice, but I sure wish you the best of luck with it! A day like that would make me crazy in short order!

  7. I'm still trying to balance this. The baby is 4 mths and is pretty easy to put to sleep, but when she's almost out, or in the crib, if she hears her bro, it's game over.

    What was worse was when both were napping, because both need to snuggle to sleep. That was a hard balance going back and forth (still an issue if I'm alone at night).

    Now that the boy isn't napping most days, I usually put on a show or have him do quiet time in his room and hope she gets out before he gets bored. Then, when she's down, we head downstairs, and quick!

    Good luck, it's very tricky...