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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Looking on the bright side

I knew something good had to come of the husband getting needles in his eyes. At least for me.

The husband has macular degeneration. It was diagnosed four years ago in his right eye but is now present in both eyes. He has been receiving treatment of various drugs since the beginning. The treatments always involve an injection in the eye. It was a shock for him the first time the needle went for his eyeball, the doctor having neglected to tell him where the needle would be going, but now he copes with it very well. He remains incredibly upbeat about the potential loss of his eyesight. He can even joke that being blind will actually make him a more desirable employee to his employer (the federal government) since he will then fall into an employment equity category.

The husband had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and ended up coming home early instead of going back to work because of some soreness in his eye after the injection. That was a great surprise for me! It meant that we were all able to head to the park together.

After playing in the sand, pushing the kids on the swings and generally running around, the husband, the boy and I were all sitting at the kids picnic table watching the girl under the play structure about fifteen feet away. Suddenly I noticed that she was sitting very still. Then I noticed that she was squatting very still. Oh oh.

I looked at her. She looked at me. "I don't need to go home" she said. "She's pooed" I said turning to my husband.

Luckily I was holding the boy so the husband went over to investigate.

"Do you need to go home? Do you need to use the toilet?" the husband asked.

"No", said the girl.

Smelling something suspicious the husband sniffed. "I think I smell something" said the husband.

"You don't smell anything" said the girl waving her hand as if to dispel the very possibility that she could have pooed in her underwear.

"I"m going to have to check".

"No!" The husband went as if to check her underwear, but she stopped him with "No, I'll check". The girl gently patted her bum. "It's okay".

With a sigh the husband told her "I'm going to have to check".

I watched the husband and the girl do a slow duck walk (waddle, waddle) out of the park while I sat at the picnic table with the boy. If not for the injection in his eye today, I thought happily, I would be having to deal with this all on my own.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled potty training.


  1. Oh, yikes! Thank goodness your husband was there! The other day, my son had to go pee. He was on the play structure, near the slide. I calmly told him to come down, so we could go behind a tree so he could pee. (We were not close enough to make it back to our friends house, where we were visiting). What does he do? He pees. On the slide. I was mortified.

  2. I have cleaned enough poopy underwear in my day to know that this was a major perk. Having someone else take care of it is truly priceless.