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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In other news

Things have been going on around here other than not sleeping. Here are the highlights from today.

- I measured the circumference of girl's head. Not just out of curiosity but because she has grown out of the size 3 -4 hat I just bought her three months ago and she now needs a new hat for summer. I discovered that she does actually have a big head. It always seemed kind of big. Hats made for her age never usually fit her and some shirts are difficult to get over her head. Now I know why.

The circumference of the girl's head is 20.5". For comparison, my head measures 22" and the husband 23". I'm not worried or anything. It's not like it looks abnormally big for her body. She just has a big head. It must be because she is so smrt (misspelling on purpose).

Instead of making her try on a pile of hats in the hope that one will fit her (because that is an in-store experience I would like to skip thanks) I am going to order one of the pretty tulip sun hats from Stephanie at A Pocket Full of Buttons. She has a great Etsy shop and starting tomorrow will be participating in the Etsy yard sale. (I love Etsy!) Hopefully I can order one large enough to last the entire summer. I have a feeling that next Summer she may just be wearing my hat.

- We gave the boy a bath. Yes, that is actually news. You know how he hates the swimming pool? Well he hates the bath more. As a result it had been a loooong time since his last full body bath. I did give him a sponge bath a few weeks back and he even hated that. He started crying as soon as he saw the bowl of water. I kid you not.

Since the husband was home today, that would be a result of the not sleeping that has been going on, we decided to give the boy a bath after he got up from his afternoon nap. As the bath tub was running, the girl decided she too wanted a bath. So in she went. And in went the husband to make sure that the boy stayed in the bath. And in went the boy. And then the screaming started. As I frantically washed his body and hair the boy attempted to fling himself out of the husband's firm grip.

Despite the intensity of bathing him I still had time to marvel at the high pitch, newborn-like sound emanating from the boy. It wasn't an "I want that" or "pick me up" scream. It really sounded like he was saying "I hate you all and if I could spit in your eye I would". The girl got out of the bath fairly soon after the screaming started but returned once the boy was safely in his room, wrapped in a towel in my arms. Poor guy. I couldn't decide if he was clinging to me more like a little spider monkey or a drowned rat.

- We went to the park this afternoon. The rain had stopped but since I expected the sand and play structure to still be wet so I suggested to the girl that she wear her full body rain suit. It looks like a snowsuit but it is made out of plastic. I have been trying to get her to wear it ever since I bought it last spring but she has refused. I think it scares her a bit.

She finally agreed to try it on and she actually loved it. In her bright yellow rain suit, hood pulled up, and her bright yellow rain boots she looked like a hazardous materials worker about to make a transfer of biowaste. Running around the empty park, except for the two girl in shorts and t-shirts, she looked ready for anything.


  1. Aww thanks hun for the love! I was stopping by to say thanks for popping in on C's birthday post (i'm a little behind on this, what's new..haha)

  2. I'm sure you have tried this but would he come in the shower with you or his dad? "Rain" might be less scary than "lake". I am basing this on absolutely nothing since I don't have a child yet! lol.
    The rain suit sounds so cute and practical!