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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FuzziBunz or why I love giveaways

I do have a little giveaway addiction. I can't help it! I love free stuff. Entering giveaways is better than garage saling. I can do it in my pajamas sitting in comfort on my couch. Plus, when I win something I get it for free instead of haggling the seller down to two bucks from five. (Although I do love haggling too.)

Today I was absurdly happy when the FuzziBunz diaper I won from My Organized Chaos arrived in the mail. We have few FuzziBunz already that I bought second hand (yes, I have no problems with secondhand diapers. Some bleach and a few hot washes and we are good to go) but they are still a bit too large for the boy. I plan to use them on the boy when he is a bit bigger, in spite of the fact that they are pink and purple. That is what happens when you have an older sister; he may as well get used to wearing girly colours. I have the feeling that the girl will be happily dressing him up in her play costumes as soon as they will fit him.

Well, now he has his own vibrant red diaper that he can wear. I am so in love with the colour. It is stop sign red. As in stop and look at how cute I am. When my sister saw it she said that he won't need to wear anything but the diaper and he will be looking good.

What surprised me about the diaper was just how soft the fleece lining and insert is. That was something I hadn't experienced with the secondhand diapers. I actually found myself caressing the diaper against my face and it was soft like a baby's bottom. The girl must have seen me because as she was showing it to the husband after he got home tonight she started rubbing it against her face. But in her case she rubbed the outside of the diaper against her face. But still! Not to be left out the husband also felt the fleece lining and managed to get the gist of its softness through his beard.

The only one of us who hasn't touched the diaper yet is the boy. To be honest I don't even want to let him wear it. It is so pretty and soft. He will only soil it (literally).

So thanks My Organized Chaos and FuzziBunz. Thanks for putting all my other diapers to shame.


  1. Capital Mom- Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I'm enjoying your posts!! Keep up the good work. :)

  2. I love giveaways too. Lucky you for being a winner!

    I've got something very cool to giveaway this week, check in later in the week :)