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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Five things I loved this weekend

1. The washing machine. It was finally fixed late Friday after being broken for two weeks. Two weeks is a long time when you usually use cloth diapers, have a baby who wants to feed himself and thus smear food on any area not covered by a bib and a toddler who is almost potty trained. The result is that everything in our house needs to be washed. I am very much looking forward to wearing a shirt without mashed banana on it.

2. Folk dancing. The local market we frequent on Saturday mornings held their annual celebration this past week so we were able to enjoy crafts, music and kids activities in addition to purchasing our goods. My favorite part was watching the young Highland dancers. My sister and I took folk dancing as children (Polish folk dancing, in fact) so I have a love of traditional cultural dances. It was lovely to watch the girl watching the dancers and even trying to emulate some of their moves. It was quite sweet as she and a friend twirled with their arms raised over their heads.

3. Library books. I finally got organized enough to reserve some books from the library and picked up a large stack of holds on Friday. I have been happily working my way through them at night and during the wondrously long nap both kids took this afternoon.

4. Naps. Enough said.

5. The husband. Even though I forgot to wish him a happy father's day until noon (in my defense I was pretty out of it this morning after a long night with the boy and then went to brunch with an old friend who is moving away this week) I do tell him everyday that he is a great dad. And he is. The kids are very lucky and so am I. When I finally got organized the girl wrote him, i.e. scribbled him, a lovely father's day card. It said "I love you and mommy and my brother".


  1. I'm also new to the library -- I love to buy books, but I'm trying to rent rather than own these days. I like it, but the pressure of having only three weeks to read a novel is tough! Let me know if you read anything you'd recommend.

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend! I love the library too, as you may have noticed reading my blog. And I love picking up reserved stuff. Oh, and you can renew your books online if you need longer, unless it's a new release or a "hot read". Also you can get those trashy magazines that you love :)