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Friday, June 19, 2009

Fit-in 15

Andrea at a peak inside the fishbowl has set her readers a challenge, along with the Canadian Chiropractic Association, to get 15 minutes of exercise a day for seven days. She is offering a prize to Canadian participants so of coarse I am in.

I thought I would get my 15 minutes yesterday at the park. We were running around in the field and the girl and I were pretending to kick a soccer ball at each other. All was well until she accidentally kicked her brother in the face. I am pretty sure it was an accident. She was pretending he had the soccer ball and I think she just missed it. And kicked his chin instead.

In the afternoon we walked to the library. The walk there and back was over half an hour so I am happy to say I met the challenge for yesterday. I was not so happy with the library. A woman asked me, as I stood equal distance between the two kids watching them, "Is he okay with all those books?". Implying of coarse that he wasn't okay with all the books. Sometimes I am too polite because I just answered yes instead of saying "lady, of coarse he is okay with the books. It is the children's section of the library. There are books everywhere. The books are for the kids. "

I have already gotten my 15 minutes of exercise today. I dropped the girl off at pre-school and will get another 20 minutes when I go back to pick her up. I like this challenge.

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  1. Great challenge! I've been exercising lately too, and it's a definite stress-reliever. Also I think I'm getting some muscles!