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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The evolution of a blog

This is my one hundred post. Hard to believe. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that it is surprising.

I came to blogging in a very round about way. While reading a magazine one day I found a link to Ecobunga. Eager to find money saving ideas I checked out the green giveaways and deals the website offered. While perusing it I found a link to an Ergo carrier giveaway on {Natural} Mommie. Well, since I have been coveting an Ergo for the last two and a half years off I went to enter the giveaway. Thus began my giveaway addiction. And the blog? Just another way to earn more entries by posting buttons (see those colourful things down the left side of the blog) and following giveaway sites through Blogger.

Somehow, somewhere along the way the blog became more important to me. More important than the actual giveaways I was entering. In fact, I have become horribly behind on entering giveaways due to all the blogging I do here and reading all the wonderful blogs I have discovered.

This blog has become my little space amidst a house full of kids toys, clothes and mess. I enjoy sitting on the couch in the sunroom off the kitchen at the end of the day and writing. More than any other reason I write this blog for me. Expressing my frustrations, my tiredness and my doubts helps me to move through them. Sometimes when I am in a particularity tricky negotiation with the girl over sitting on the potty or not pushing her brother I think about how I would describe the situation here on the blog and I am able to find some humour in the craziness that is my life.

The blog also allows me to record moments of joy and wonder with the girl and the boy. Those moments I write about for me, so I can remember them once the chaos begins again, and for the kids. I love that the kids will be able to read what I have written here when they are older and know how much fun and love we share. Without the blog I would surely forget most of the small moments of our daily life that I have been able to capture here. I have already forgotten so much of the first few years with the girl.

Finally, I write here because I like to think of you reading what I write and sharing it with me. I think of my dad and step-mom who, if they are to be believed, check the blog every morning and before bed every night so they can talk about the kids over coffee or while brushing their teeth. I like that this blog can give them a glimpse into out daily life.

For those of you that I don't know "in-real life" I so appreciate that you come and visit me. Your comments and feedback is always welcomed. I don't usually respond back in the comments, but I eagerly read each one. If you are reading this now, say "hi". Tell me what you are doing today. Ever if you don't have a blog. Just say "hi". I promise to say "hi" back.

How this blog will evolve next I don't know. I look forward to finding out.


  1. Hi! I tried posting earlier, but something went wrong... hope you're having a great day! I'm glad you're loving blogging! It's so fun, and addictive - in a good way!

  2. Congratulations on your landmark post! I'm new to your blog but really enjoying your writing. You can tell that you're turning into a writer, not just a blogger, because even when you're not at the're writing in your head!

    I also love to think of my blog as a memory document for my kids. Another blogger I read recently took her 50 favourite posts and had them bound into a hardcover book by Blurb ( I dream of the day when I can do the same!

  3. 'hi'

    You've accomplished something making it to 100 posts - did you know that 60-80% of blogs never make it past the third month.

    Your reasons for blogging are so similar to mine, no wonder we are virtual friends :)


  4. Hooray 100! I certainly enjoy reading your blog - I think the way you write is very 'relatable' (and that sentence is a perfect example of my lack of writing skills!). I think your kids will really enjoy reading your posts later on, and maybe have a little more empathy for your life as a mom! I love the idea of binding the favourite posts into a book!

  5. Congratulations on getting to 100! That's a real accomplishment. And you've inspired me to blog more about the kid(s) :) I read every day too; what you write is definitely appreciated!

  6. hi capital!

    Your blog helps me to remember that we all feel different things at different moments of motherhood. It's like the grand canyon [motherhood] You can read about it in books, look at all the pictures and think that you know what it's all about. But in reality there is no way you can understand the magnitude until you are standing there feeling the true weight of it. Whenever I have a moment that is less than "magazine" I always like to know that other moms feel the reality of it too. Thanks for today's post and all the other 99! Keep blogging!

  7. Hi back to everyone! Thank you for your comments!