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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day nine

Today is day nine with a broken washing machine.

The repair man came to look at it (finally!) on Thursday. I already feel like we are close friends. He fixed our dishwasher when the boy was five weeks old and we talked about his three week old baby. He came to fix the washing machine when the boy was six months old, replacing both computer boards and taking a hefty cheque with him. And now he has come again because the piece that locks the washing machine door is broken and somehow managed to blow one of the fuses on one of the computer boards that had already been replaced. Since a new board is needed, and has to be shipped in from out of town, I will see him again on Tuesday, I hope. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday.

Life without a washing machine is interesting. Luckily I had washed the kids clothes not too long ago and we had washed the diapers before we realized how broken the machine was. The diapers came out clean but soggy since the broken lock prevented the spin cycle from engaging. A few days on the clothes line and they finally dried.

The hardest part was not having clean bibs, napkins or dishtowels. It has meant that the kids clothes get messier than they should. But I don't care. I just throw their dirty clothes on the ever growing pile. And thanks to the kindness of a friend, who took away a pile of bibs, napkins and dishtowels on Thursday and returned them clean on Friday, we now have a way to prevent and clean up the mess the girl and boy create.

As for myself I have been digging through that pile of laundry to find something to wear that is less dirty than I thought when I first threw it in the pile.

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  1. I'm amazed that your washer & dryer have computers in them . . . they must be very smart machines :) I hope your new friend (i.e. the repair man) comes on Tuesday for you guys!