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Thursday, June 11, 2009


There are some cupcake lovers in this house. Everyone loooooves cupcakes. I'm sure even the boy would if he was allowed to eat them. While the girl and I are probably in close running for the number one cupcake lover, I think she inches me out slightly. If only because her joy at seeing a cupcake is so infectious (I have a more quiet, subtle joy).

Tomorrow is the girl's school birthday. Since her actual birthday is in August and school is out she has been assigned tomorrow for her celebration. What does this all mean? Cupcakes! The snack of choice for school birthdays seems to be cupcakes so we happily followed the tradition. I think the girl would actually be concerned if I tried to send her with a plain old cake. How boring!

Luckily I am prepared for any cupcake situation. After the first time the girl and I made cupcakes together, also the first time we ever baked or cooked together, for her second birthday last year I purchased Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. While we aren't vegan I had heard good things about the book and liked the recipes I found inside. For tomorrow I chose the carrot cupcakes because the carrots make they seem pseudo-healthy and thus suitable for pre-school.

Last night I grated two cups of carrots (for a double batch) in anticipation of making them this afternoon with the girl. All when so smoothly. We made them together while the boy sat in his highchair eating a piece of rice cake. The girl happily added all the ingredients to the bowl, even letting me stir them, and slowly filled the cupcake wrappers with tablespoon after tablespoon of batter.

The cupcakes taste great. Okay, a little over cooked but it just adds a nice crunchy texture to the treats. Unfortunately they don't look like cupcakes. Instead of looking like puffed up little hills, they look like a groundhog has been digging holes in them. They are actually concave. It is possible, even highly probable, that some ingredients didn't make it into the bowl (did I mention that the girl was in charge of that) and so they are missing something that stopped them from rising properly.

I have to admit, I thought twice about taking them tomorrow. I contemplated whipping up another batch tonight. Making some that would look more appealing, more cupcakey. But these are her cupcakes. She made them for her friends. As she dropped the batter into each wrapper she called out the name of the child that that specific cupcake would be for.

So we will take them and the kids will like them. With enough cream cheese icing no one will even know they look funny. And they will be yummy.


  1. It's so adorable that she named off her friends as she spooned them in.

    They will not care what they look like (that's what so perfect about preschoolers), they will probably only lick off the frosting anyway :)

  2. We are big cupcake lovers around here, too. And my preschooler also becomes very excited at the mere sight of them. However, I think I win the cupcake contest because she only ever eats the icing, whereas I eat the actual cake part. This makes me think that she doesn't really like cupcakes, just sugar and butter whipped together.

    And naming her friends is just too, too cute. :)

  3. Oh, we love cupcakes, too. If you are ever in the Toronto area you simply must visit the restaurant Fresh (there are 3 locations) where they serve the most delicious vegan carrot cake (with a soy-based icing that is just as good as cream cheese). I'm now totally craving it after reading about your carrot cupcakes!