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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A friend commented on the correlation between my life and this blog today. When I saw her at the park and she asked how I was I could tell she already knew the answer. She said that she has seen a correlation between when I write and what I am feeling. It is true. When I am doing good and only dealing with the usual craziness that comes with living with a baby and almost three year old I blog. When I don't it is because I am so cranky and miserable that I don't want to inflict myself on anyone. Besides the husband. He doesn't have a choice.

If you haven't heard from me in awhile you can assume that: one or both kids are not sleeping well at night, one or both kids are refusing to nap, someone in the house is sick, I have not showered in three days or brushed my teeth until lunchtime, the girl is "testing the limits", lots of crying is going on and I am probably eating a Kit Kat. My new comfort food of choice. But that is blog fodder for another day.


  1. At least your excuse if better than mine - I'm just being lazy in visiting others blogs.

    Hope you get some sleep/your kiddos sleep.

  2. One of my girlfriends dropped by with three family-sized chocolate bars for me this week (you know how my week's been going) and the chocolate has seriously helped me deal. So eat those Kit Kats, you deserve them! A few endorphins can never hurt :)

  3. Hang in there, Capital Mom! Good to hear from you today; we'll be here when you "get back" :)
    Hmm . . . now I really want a Kit Kat.

  4. You are more genrous to your readers than I am. I usually inflict my "pissiness" on to the blogosphere. It's somehow cathartic.

    Eat your KitKat and be merry!